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Thread: Suggestion Thread V.2

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    [PvE] Add a simple thing as a new minor/major RUNE, ''purist rune''

    while being active it should halt the EXP gain. You ask why? the exp rate is already high, you implemented purist into a daily challenge too, purist as a achievment too... it is hard to find everyday a group for a specific dungeon, still there are many players who would like to stop their LV advance just to play the old dungeons as intended for fun... nothing bad in it ?
    it's not a hard thing to do to implement such thing right?
    thx in advance

    [PvE] Add an Unchained token togather with an Unchained Vendor

    Why? it's nice you added for premium players bonus loot from the cashes, but still - getting what you exactly need/want and being full of still the same drops after dozens of complete quest runs for a single toon make it boring and unattractive (with all the nerfed content, grind single players accesories in Pit/Veneheim/RF).
    What I want to suggest is to :
    1) add a Vendor (in dragon spine* maybe, would be nice if it would be connected with a faction there but that's for another suggestion later on)
    2) add those tokens into the quest as a price together with the cashes
    3) add a RNG chance to loot it from the epic chashes as well
    4) make all those weapons/armors/accesories buyable with thoise relics (so everyone who wants a specific item, and had bad luck - can buy it after dozens of failed loots and be happy and move on with other toons)

    I think such a change would be a nice incencitive to all players, and now is a good time for it as f2p have acces to those dungeons as well
    * dragon spine vendor would maybe made them also buy the expansion as well ...

    [PvE] Add a Weekly Raid Quest for each Tier/Raid in the game please

    Such thing should be implemented since the start of the game, but now it should be a neccesary move also to reward people who attend those raids, even if they don't have too ( already bought all the pets with the lower tier relics etc)

    With the implementation of Raid Finder and the new Atalntean Vendor and Shards, such quests would also reward weekley with an amount of those shards (don't make them RF exclusive, you think people would but out all of those items too fast? just add more rewards as pet/vanity/potions and it would solve the problem I think)

    1) Add a Weekly Quest ''Raid on Cimerrian Lairs'' (kill Kyllikki + Yakhmar + Vistrix)
    2) Add a Weekly Quest ''Raid on Black Ring Citadel '' (kill Sabazius + Chatha + Leviathus)
    3) Add a Weekly Quest ''Raid on Toth Amon Stronghold'' (kill Gyas + Toth Amon)
    4) Add a Weekly Quest ''Raid on Erliks Temple'' (kill Bat of Nergal)
    5) Add a Weekly Quest ''Raid on Jade Citadel'' (kill Yah-Chieng + Enity)
    6) Add a Weekly Quest ''Raid on Dragon Spines Secrets'' (kill Kyllikii UC + Ethram Fal)

    * I ignored Lurker at the Treshold (as this boss needs a Loot Revamp asapm but thats for another suggestion)

    rewards should include :
    1) Atlantean Shards
    2) RNG Cache with : gold/AA/gildings/rare trophies/raid tokens

    funcom decision on the amount of course

    [PvE] Add a Dragon Spine faction + vendor to the great looking area

    There are many repeatable quests already, but still some are single time only (as the one when you need to enter the Lava Caves infested with Lava Worms, great area want to visit it more often please)
    Add more simple Quests (maybe a random generator like on Veneheim) and a Faction so people will visit this place more often.

    Faction could be called ''Archeologists/Excavators''
    Vendor should sell :
    1) area specific vanity
    2) area specific pets/companions
    3) area specific BLUE dungeon armor/weapons (those lootable in Sepulcher of the Wyrm + Coils of Ubah Kan)
    4) dungeon EPICS* (everyone knows the drop rate from Ubah Kan great dungeon, right? and most of them are better than khitais)

    *For those epics, i don't mind even adding a Dragon Spine/Excavator/Archeologist Token (or a more LORE friendly name as Trapezohedron shard instead) needed to buy those things (together with Rare trophies), and of course this token should drop only from Archeologist Cashes or be a reward for the whole quest as well (adding them as RNG drop to last bosses in those dungeons would made a grind/farm of the fastest dungeons though - so only quest/caches drop)

    [PvE] Add some New Passive AA, so players can spent/grind those expertise points!

    Just add some new passive AA to spent all those accumulated points or have a incencitive to farm more.
    I know that adding new perks/combos/abilities would be a big balance problem that's why I don't recomend such drastic improvement in the area, but adding a simple, I think balance friendly AA would be a good move for everyone.
    Examples :

    1) Add a passive perk STRENGHT UP : +1 STR per rank
    2) Add a passive perk INTELIGENCE UP : +1 INT per rank
    3) Add a passive perk WISDOM UP : +1 WIS per rank
    4) Add a passive perk DEXTERITY UP : +1 DEX per rank
    5) Add a passive perk CONSTITUTION UP : +1 CON per rank

    They could be also Archetype specific like :
    Soldiers only : (STR UP, CON UP, WIS UP?)
    Rogues only (DEX UP, CON UP, STR UP?)
    Priests only (WIS UP, CON UP, STR UP?)
    Mages only (INT UP, CON UP, STR UP?)

    6) Maybe Add another ranks to actual Combo/Spells Damage improvements : +1% per rank (up from actual rank 5 to rank 10 maybe ?)
    7) Improving the ''FORTYFING IMPROVEMENT'' for more ranks would be good too I think, as sloting it now is reaaly a rare thing cause it gives only +79 con)
    8) Improving the ''EMPOWERED VITALITY'' for another 1% per rank (till 10) would be nice too in my opinion

    [PvE] NPC Low-Level Quests Indicators

    With the great implementation of achievment system tied largely to the quests, it woul be really a great thing to eliminate the +/- range of Level Indicators above NPC.
    Almost all the players were never able (with all those exp boosts/potions/ and the limited Quest space) to complete all gather them at the right level.... with progress all those low-level indicators are gone, and thats a problem to pickup them later on.
    Players need to aproach every NPC in each area and talk to them in order to find out if there is a missed quest, this is troublesome and boring.

    Please turn those indicators ON, so every player at every level could see them (greyed ones still should show that your lv is too low)
    I think that doing it isn't devtime consuming and could make our lives easier in trying to complete them all.

    [PvE] House of Crom Revamp

    ***This is a suggestion that INVOLVES more DevTime/Money/People etc than my previous ones ...

    One of the best dungeons ever created by FunCom (the whole place is magnificient in every aspect, lighting, shadows, art and the questline...)
    Implementing it was a great succes, good alternative apart from khitai triangle farm - and the first months of struggling to solve the puzzle summoning... nostalgia I know

    Back to topic :
    There are many ways in which this dungeon could be revamped to be atractive again for more players
    One thing that would be common in all my suggestions is again a Vendor or even a Vanir/Cimerian faction (or just fuse it into the same faction as the dragon spine excavator/archeologists from my previous suggestion)

    Vendor should sell :
    - cimerian/vanir/ymirish vanity sets
    - adding the Queen Dress as vanity for a high amount of currency or rare drop from unchained bosses (but do not give it the ID for summoning ritual)
    - pets / companions (based on the cimerian/vanir/aesir/ymir cultures)
    - blue power gear (that loots inside the dungeon
    - epic dungeon gear class sets (models should be a more shiny versions of the existing HoC sets, the same that would randomly drop from Unchained bosses/cashes like in Ubah Kan)
    - the epic item budget should be around the same as Ubah Kans/Unchaineds sets, a SEt Bonus would be great for it also

    Here are my ideas for HoC :
    1) Adding an UNCHAINED version of the Treshold of Divinity for 6-people only, raising the difficulty/levels of mobs/adding epic gear rewards based on the already existed blue item sets from HoC
    2) Adding a SOLO version of this dungeon for more casual players that could witness Funcoms talent for doing a masterpiece dungeon
    3) Revamp the LURKER at the TRESHOLD (Yog Sogoth) loot table, by raising the Item budgets (T4+ maybe with main stats focusing on Protection/Constitution as an upgraded alternative to T3?) and again adding Epic Gear Set with a new Set Bonus also...

    Don't ever touch the summoning ritual please, as it is great and only revamp of the loot can make this raid boss more visited.
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    Start an old school server without raidfinder, petpit, boost potions, annoying boxes etc.
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    [Raid Finder]
    Automatically distribute at least 1 healer per group since most of the 'leaders' did not pick that role and can't be bothered to fix groups.

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    The thread was cleaned up. Stick to the thread rules please.
    Short cuts make long delays.

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    [Misc][Ignored player/character]: Ignored character still able to send game mail. Please make this to Not able to.

    [Misc][Alernate Advancement]: Add something that can spend the points after full AAed.

    [Misc][interface(?) chats]: want chat able to show multitable language letters for everyone.
    Actually about east asian languages, they became squares, maybe because they are 2bytes letters. But should be able to.


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    I am not a person who has spent an insane amount in this game, yet I love it for various reasons (except that northern expansion pack which I believe is a shame to games original creators).
    Things that could increase population and I believe you are aiming for my kind of players.

    1) - double f2p gold cap (as I see it gold is useless on f2p ((I have all expansions except northern one)) ((double the gold cap and spam players email))
    2) - make world boss once a year, hard to kill - I mean wiping entire instance if its not organized, while lasting long enough to kill it, few days at least to get well organised, dropping insane loot (that way you keep players longer on it, it doesn't get that boring, keeps players dedicated and lastly finally rewards them with the good stuff) AND PLEASE MAKE WORLD BOSS A UNIQUE MODEL ONCE A YEAR, YOU CAN DO THAT, ITS MUCH SMARTER THEN REUSING MODELS FROM RANDOM REGIONS WHICH DONT GIVE ANYTHING AND BORE YOUR PLAYERS.

    Im a 3d modeler, I may work for free for you, I will think about it and send further info down the path.
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    [PvE] create a single vendor for weapons and accessories T1-2-3 so each one can choose what he most want just as with the T4, please!

    [PvE] add weapons and accessories WB to WB vendors, droprate is too much random, let people can buy them with WB portent relics or relic/rares t3 or both or what you prefer! (although I would like it removed each power item and would leave only social and pet on the WB, this is a utopia, so you should make the weapons and accessories accessible to anyone and not just lucky, WB are just question of luck and not need any skill)

    [PvE] chance to see them exclamation point "!" of another color, green or gray or whatever you like when a NPC have quest to level below that of the character, otherwise it becomes difficult to recover the quests to complete achievements without guides!

    [PvE] revamp the old armor (in a proportionate manner to their tier) so that they are all appropriate to new content, for example, on all the armor add critigation, obviously lower than the armor Khitai (example if a chest Khitai have 377 critigation a chest T3 should have about 250/270, a T2 160 and T1 100 critigation) and replace the old skill with current values (example taunt on guardian's armor replaced with hate in proportion to the level of the tier ofc)

    [PvE] revamp of Khitai weapons so that they are at least competitive, some weapons are really great (arrows of the ranger or the talisman dt) but many others are really unnecessary, you should add such protection to 2h of the conqueror and critical rating to 2h Barbarian

    [PvE] remove the atlatean shards, T4 rares and relics from blue chests rf, left them just in the epic chest and put some atlantean shards in normal content as T1-2-3-4-5-6 UC, raidfinder should be a way for learn mechanics of raids and then it should encourage people to use the knowledge learned to look for loot in the REAL version of its contest, it should not replace the real raid killing them!

    [PvE] change the color on cape and accessories (from blue to purple) in "The Breach HM" the most absolutely deserted instance of the game.
    I have noticed that most people only care that an item is purple without looking at the stat and it is totally uninterested in places where there is gear that interests them, for the simple pleasure of playing, and in fact I saw DT snub decent shield (blue) KK and prefer a T1 (when the shield with critical is definitely better for a DT) just because it is blue.
    No need to revamp the stat, just changed it from blue to purple (or gold) and there will be queuing up to that instance so snubbed!
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    Make 'Show target's current target ' a default setting.

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    [Raid] Add a weekly quest for a raidboss, in t1-t4 awarding a chest simillar to wb epic or rf epic.
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