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Thread: Suggestion Thread V.2

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    [pvp] Reward progressing characters with at least 20 expertise points per pvp level up as follow:

    pvp1= 20 expertise points
    pvp2= 40 expertise points
    pvp3= 60 expertise points
    pvp4= 80 expertise points
    pvp5= 100 expertise points

    [pvp] Make bori reward prowess when sacrificing materials and pvp xp when sacrificing limbs.

    [all] Continue to develop the idea of solo arena, unchained minigames, world bosses and open dungeons for the casual players after you finish that t6 pve raid.

    [pvp] Include pvp items in the craft revamp, you might use the rune system as well.

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    [World Boss]
    Make the world boss event a 3 days event insted of 7, reduce the amount of HP of the WB and reduce the amount of thrash loot, also, make everything able to sell, and reduce the selling price of those items.

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    [PvP] Autokick for minigame players after inactivity 30 seconds with penalty 10 minutes.
    [PvP] Set Debuff (example: +XX PvE Hit Rating) on PvE Gear T3 and above compared to PvE-debuff on PvP gear

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    [Misc] It would be nice if the expiration date on Bonus Points was removed.

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    As I said, for fairness, remove the few weapons raid PvE (T1-2-3) available from specific vendors and put one vendor with all the weapons, so that each one buys what he most wants (just as happens Armory PvP).
    it's not normal that people have access to all T4 weapons, but no for low level raids!

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    Once you hit 80, the exp is useless.
    would be nice if you can keep "leveling up" without passing from 80, and each time you hit the max amount of exp needed for lvl you get some reward, like AA exp, or the usual expertise point. something, anything would be good...

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    [pve] Adjust or change mechanism of Nightmare Bubbles in Paikang. I don't call form big nerf to make them all around, but current situation when I try to find 3 of them for faction quest and after two days still have nothing - even with map and farming Apes and Qilins - is stupid and just bad design. I have seen only one after several hours and this one was "stolen" by another player.
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    Give set bonuses back without removing the rune mechanic. I can see why you did that, but for those that have no interest in t6 all you did was put us in a bad spot.

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    Default pvp

    [PvP] why not implement a summary in while festival of bloodshed is active?
    Showing witch guild has held the feilds the longest time,witch players has killed the most and who the born gullah is?

    I think this would encurrage people to join guilds and make people more eager to take part in the event☺

    Now days there are too many loners around=/ yesterday we picked up a great guard without a guild, he turned out to be a great teamplayer. This is very cool☺

    And btw i remember back when Yellow gremlin database was active with KD,gear,guild rankings and so on... why not make somthing similar?
    I remember being eager to check stats all the time☺
    It was a great adittion to the game and a great thing for PVP-ers!
    Make this and u will se a pop improvement😉
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    Kraamz dt pvp10
    Kramzor hox pvp10
    Quickdash guard pvp7
    Kramzz bs pvp5

    Pressostate conq pvp5

    AFK into the unknown =/

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    [Items/Pets] Give the option to do something more with tier 3, 4, and 5 simple relics by making it possible to buy buff potions, AA consumables, or similar to encourage people to keep doing the raids even after their character has all the gear from the raid. Alternatively, make it possible to convert raid relics into rare trophies, which will accomplish much of the same. Currently, people keep jumping to undergeared alts to make older raids more meaningful instead of playing their main.

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