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Thread: Balance rangers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by viroku View Post
    99% rangers dont spec any anti cc and whine how ranger is easy to be killed. But still dont want to sacrifice their precious rending strikes and linebreaker because they dont know how to kill without it.
    you know I just hear you talk crap, dude just shut up, dont just dont, there is nothing precious about anything, like I said in my previous post dude you need to buff LB to do any dmg, yes its a kb, cry me river, you are forced as ranger player to go down, there is no other option, the revamp was horrible, the mana and stamina drain was nerfed few times, I said and I wil say it again, its been nerfed, which word dont you understand, I speak 7 languages, I can translate this in any you want, just you might just understand

    Razorkid, look at your pics and come back again, 1 ranger out of 3 topped kills, while sins necros demos etc topped kills, your argument is invalid, just dont, saying things like ppl rolling ranger because they cant play other classes is the most retarded argument ever, I know a dozen of players who have a ranger as main and rolled other classes and can top killes in minis easy, one of them is Chass so please dude just dont say things like that, makes you look and sound stupid, oh snap did I just say that? Edit by Anzu: Thanks, but no thanks.
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    When ranger is wrong in the basic anything. The further a target is between killed the less harm he may have to make. And at the target moves the faster the less accurate would be his shots.

    The same applies to melee, the faster an object, the greater the likelihood is that I did not meet him.

    In Aoc sometimes does not live longer than 15 sec is even less like a FPS
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jous View Post
    Delete the ranger from the game and we can have fun.
    U Cant balance the ranger.
    After 6 year there over 10000 treads abaut the ranger and no 1 will understand thats the ranger ist the biggest beta char ever.
    Ranger is fine..Keeps the balance even..Without ranger Razorkid would have party on u guys..(I mean probably he still has)..Without rangers mages would chopp u in slices and dance on ur bodies,(they still do it either ways)...
    Rangers kill clothies easily,(they die easily from clothies too)..and they can kill lights and mediums same way they can be killed..Tanks don't die..forget it..This is where funcom needs to step up..and NERF the ridiculously OP TANKS....17000 HIT POINTS PLUS DAMAGE,that is not right..This is sick..If something needs to be nerfed that is tanks... Edit by Anzu: No.
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    Sometimes I believe that MMO players are a bit funny. If rock, paper, scissor was a MMO and rock could beat both paper and scissor I believe all the 'rock rollers' would defend their 'class' and play the l2p-card at the paper and scissor noobs. And please note I have nothing against rangers apart from the fact I find it ultra boring in PVE (post revamp). It's just a general observation and applies to many classes and AA:s.
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    U still qq about ranger ill resub

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    lol!, who said you cant kill tanks while beign on ranger?!?!

    i can - ofc it takes time but its 95% sure win - tho maybe guard wont be that easy, just kite, kite and kite - use cc and l2p (check out different builds other then just popular lb/whatever - btw imo it sucks).

    heh did you know that well used advantage - heh forget its name - is it sharpened weapons?!? (anyway the one with huge armor penetration) - continuing - can eat like 50%+ of soldier hp (buffs, dd, cc >>> position behind, adv + lab and finish with pen shoot for 5-6k?!?! yeah even on soldiers)? and that tts (ahh sry forgot its now pbs) can crit for well over 5k - its like a death sentence and easy mode cos everybody knows that while getting low the fights then are most skill requiring and mistakes are lethal so having one click button at it is just meh ...

    so imo rangers are quite op! certainly - they own 1 on 1 in 95% cases against anyone, they were extremly op in group play lately and actually still are tho it need a bit of lack of awareness from enemy team since nice rangers burst takes some more time atm

    anyway i would like to see nerf to exhausting traps - best would be to remove em, big nerf to naked shoots - just add more damage to low or upp attack bonuses - so it would actually be more like combos not just pew pew - +1 - go hide ... and lowering the incredible ammount of cc that ranger can have - lol! - its just sick - he is now more like master of universe compared to others ;(

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