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Thread: Gear issue

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    [QUOTE=deniromonk;2103555]So, for whatever reason, I have been subbed to AoC for the last few years, yet I didnt realise it, nor have I played it much (if at all) in that time frame. With that said, I have 3 level 80s now due to the offline leveling. My issue though, is that I have level 80s in level 30-50 gear. Not that I want free gear, but what is the most efficent method of aquiring at least a full set of level 80 greens?


    Why worry about 80 greens. This week the world boss comes. Farm it for t1 and t2 epics. A couple hrs a day will gear up 1 toon over a week easy.

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    kill bosses. over and over. and over.

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