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Thread: Best pvp gear?

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    Default Best pvp gear?

    Given that there is a mix now, and pve gear adjusted, what do you consider the best for pvp? Include rings and necklaces. I'll give my set later when I log in.

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    Since no one responded, I will post mine up. Any comments about the gear would be appreciated.

    helm - pvp 9
    armbands - pvp 9
    Hands - PVP 8
    Chest - PVP 10
    Boots - Summoners boots of the mandate (SC boots)
    Legs - PVP 10
    Belt - PVP 8
    Wrist - PVP 8
    Cloak - Highlords cloak of power
    Rings - Highlords band of power

    highlords mace
    highlords sanctum

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    i find the cloak of cinders best for me.i like the dmg buff over the protection as i have a good amount as it is.atm i have the t-1 helm t-1 wep.t-3 belt wrist and arm.the rest is t-2.
    Rage:GanksKahn pvp 8 Tos:fails at healing

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