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Thread: A simple and common sense solution to the PvP level gap

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    Default A simple and common sense solution to the PvP level gap

    I'm pretty sure we all know about how ridiculous the grind is to PvP 10 and how long it takes to get tokens in mini games for gear that is needed in pvp.

    If somebody starts a new character and wants to PvP on it, that player has to play for YEARS to close the gap in levels that other players have on him, or sit at his computer eating noting but adderall pills for six or so weeks.
    PvP in Age of Conan is simply not very friendly to the casual player.

    People's real lives have to be taken in to consideration here, some people simply don't have the time to grind that much, PvP should not be as exclusive as it is today, the system needs to be looked at.

    There are a few simple changes that can be made to DRASTICALLY reduce the the imbalance in PvP in regards to gear and levels.

    -Remove the PvP leveling concept entirely

    -Remove the cool down on token quests in minis and add conquest trophies to mini game quests.

    Removing the PvP leveling system will allow new level 80s to buy the T1 PvP set a starter kit while still requiring a little bit of progression to the higher level PvP gear which would only require gold and tokens to purchase, this will also make it more viable to play more then one toon because players would not have to grind for years to get gear.

    PvP levels, BIG problem, little fix.

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    the gear gap is already tiny man, its already been fixed.

    pvp 4-10 is pretty much the same.

    also, how does one not have enough mini tokens to get gear?

    my bear has 143 tokens and im pvp 4, i can imagine i would have 1000s before i hit 9-10

    you can't just remove pvp lvls or there is no goal, and if there is no goal there is no reason to play the game.

    Games need goals to achieve.
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    I don't agree with removing the PvP leveling system.

    The t1 PvP gear should have the PvP level requirement removed though, along with the cooldown for the minigame quests.

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