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Thread: what happened to this game?

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    I also want to know what the hell happened to this? ^^ Those were what guild cities & battlekeeps were supposed to be like.

    Where did the guild standards go? Where did the NPC army go? I feel so sad when I look at some of those alpha videos.
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    Interesting GUI on that second vid.
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    what happened with the sun and shadows moving fluidly like that? now im walking through the game and suddenly the shadows and lights teleports from one angle to another without that feels horrible for the inmerse.

    also what happened with that intro before creating a character of the ships fighting? and the old character creation UI. was way better looking that the actual one.
    But i love the game either way. but i can't find a reason for those previous developers to say: "lets cut this, lets cut that". was that really necesary? some things like changing the sun fluid movement made the game worse so i can't understand why them change it. was the result they expected to be different?

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    On another note, the game does advertise weather systems, but outside of Khitai I have never seen any rain or thunderstorms.

    As for the intro-vid on character creation, I have no idea why it was removed. I asked Craig Morrison back in 2010, he said he didn't know.

    It really does no good to complain about these things, what's done is done but it's always interesting to look back on what AoC was or could have been.
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    There's random rain in Zelata too at least. 100% sure.
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    what happened? people wanted pvp...

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    When i look at that video, it reminds me of how crap AoC would look like if FC wouldn't have made all those graphical updates, for which i'm grateful.

    AoC now is 10 times better than ever, zones are better, quests are better, classes are better, hell, i don't see one thing worse, and i would dare to say that only people blinded with heavy nostalgia would pretend otherwise.

    So, what happened to AoC ? Well, it improved. A real lot.

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    -Make age of conan 2 and get the launch right this time! OR make a lego mmo
    why funcom spent the cash on lego mmo one will never know

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