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Thread: Cannot connect to Community Server ?

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    Default Cannot connect to Community Server ?

    Hi, I'm now unguilded, cannot see minigames, cannot use global, cannot use any chat actually, or anything cannot see friends etc

    Any ideas?

    Rankings doesn't open either...

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    Funcom's Latency Detonation crits you for 4800 millisecond damage. Claret died.

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    Error: The chat group 'Global' is currently not available.
    Funcom's Latency Detonation crits you for 4800 millisecond damage. Claret died.

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    i ave the same prob now after a long period of spoting game, did you find how fix it ? tttyyyyy

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    You should go to and see what they can do to assist you, or if you are able to get in game, try a /petition .
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    I used to have the same issue a while back, right after the last NA servers merge, my community server connection would simply stop working after a few minutes, severing any possibility of interaction or communication with other players. no chat, pvp queue issues, I'd get cowards shame mid game, even though I was still in the match. was gamebreaking for me. After contatcting support and run some ping tests, figured out it was an isp issue not rerouting my connection to the game once it went through US territory. Changing my ISP company was the only thing that fixed it.

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