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    Can I change my current lvl 19 Cimmerian male Guardian's class to the Barbarian class somehow in AoC folks???

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    you can only reroll new one

    changing sex or class or looks of toon besides hair or tattoos is impossible

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    you can get a free lvl50 char , dressed up with 50's greens , given u alrdy got another lvl50 (maybe 70? not sure) char
    Etheecx -Necrow R5
    Ebedokles -Priest of Agrigento [threw himself into the volcano!]
    Teargarden -Sin R8
    Teagarden -Ranger R7
    Tempgarden - DeaTea R8
    Teadealer -ToS R3

    Ethicx -Demonologist R10
    Bedtime -Guardian R5
    SponsoredHox R3 delight

    *Chaotic gooD*

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    No You can't. If you don't like guardian start a new character as soon as you can. Don't waste time playing class you don't feel it's right.

    I have lvl 80(6) guardian and now switched to barbarian. He's lvl 80(3). Guardian is very boring compared to barbarian.
    I used free lvl 50 to create this barb.
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