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Thread: End pug-only minis now and forever!

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    There is no reason to not be able to sign up with at least ONE of your friends.

    You can't tell me that most of the players don't at least have 1 friend to sign up with?

    Those who are against it are simply afraid of a challenge and enjoy the current pug stomping pug matches.

    99% of the pugs I'm in are 1 sided. Very rarely do you ever get a game that's a good fight.
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    I hate not being able to play with mates but...

    1) there's a seperate queue for pre's
    A) the fact that few people want to play such loud mouthed egotistical people isn't the only problem, there's also...
    B) that there's just not that many egotistical 6 man bands out there that want to compete like that nor that want the ******** trolling of winning OR losing. The whine from either side is just too hard for a video game most the time for normal people

    2) I'm from pre merge EU Fury so I don't know about US Tyranny or whatever server but minis STOPPED HAPPENING for several months during online hours of premaders.

    The mini would pop, people on opposite side either left and game ended. "No player" OR the queues just stopped popping.

    PUGS are terrible.
    There's seperate queues but

    The problem 9/10 times is the sheer level of c0cksuckery that happens after the mini. There's no GG let's go again it's posting screenies on the ****ing forums or taking the piss for like a week .

    There's a PUG queue that excellent players and bad players play for kd or for teamplay all mixed up

    There's Tournament mode that after a loss and due to ppl innately being cnuts ppl are put off and it's also not rewarded enough at the fear of wankers exploiting the group up and fast cap.

    A minority will ruin each case but the fact that you see everyone else's points as INVALID means you are probably one of the people that folks don't want to play against as you're probably also a bad winner.

    Nobody wants to group up at the pressure of premades with egos so big so why would thy continue to play put minis.

    FACT: on fury minis stopped occurring for months due to pugs vs premades. Seperate go the queue was the only thin that put a plaster on the situation.

    This comes from someone that loves premades too.
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    I am going to be devils advocate here and say that I personally dont care for premades. Even the word is pretentious. we used to call them scrims. Its always power stacking teams anyway with high fps tanky classes/healers and casters.

    I certainly dont support pug stomping because its not enjoyable to me if there is noone fighting back. And people will just not sign up and or log off .Besides I find such easy wins boring.

    I remember acolyte premades and lif stomping pugs i happened to be in and i would just not sgnup or leave if i saw the premade team and sure you could form a group and i did here and there but unless you are in a large guild that pvps its not so easy. Pug stomping kills minigames that much is true. Got to a point lif and acos realized hey if we keep pug stomping noone will sign up. So they started running 3 mans or 4 mans which was slightly better i think.

    There are alot of premades on crom I hear. personally id like to team up with a guildie or two but a 6 man carnage team is going to clean house and kill minigames for us primetime on fury so if you like minigames dont ask for 6 man pug signups. i would say 2-3 at most. They should enact a form of team switching for imbalanced teams or hurry up with the unchained minigames. . The unchained minis with 6 man queue could be fun.

    Face it funcom isnt listening to the argument. There is a premade queue called tournament mode. Problem is.. Noone wants to premade on fury during us peak. If you want premades so badly you should consider moving to crom. Thats what blackout did
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    this endless repetition of always same forum users saying same shiit over and over again.

    when there was no pvp6-10, only hv&lost temple were played.
    simply other maps are bad and will always be bad.
    when you remove the token minigame quest from it lt+hv would continue to be played the other 3 would not.

    in those times personaly in aquilonia server i would never sign up alone because i kew it was group content, i would get invited by semi guild groups organizing for minigames or groups of friends all or vent/ts.

    minigames from my experience was never solo content, and i find it unreasonable that anyone thinks that a 6vs6 minigame is solo content.
    removing the group sign up made group content the most horrid experience possible wich doesnt allow you to ever team up with a single guildie or friend.

    along side that the algorythm is beyond repair a joke for years now its always same story:
    1 team gets all the high lvl pvp'ers, oposite all the low lvl's
    1 team gets 2-3 healers+tank, oposite no healer no tank
    cjs is even more idiotic with groups in above mentioned common flaws with double the impact.

    pug minigames had a disatrous impact in multiple aspects of game, namely and most notoriously:

    .guild coesion
    by removing group sign ups you atacked in the deepest way, simply people would be in a guild because they could team up for pvp content and given minigames were once upon a time group content minigames gave reason to be in a guild so they could team up and face the chalenge together, with pug sign-ups being in a guild became pointless.
    adjacent to that people with limited time to play became less inclined to help each other in open world pvp when a fellow guildie got jumped, because due to need to grind minigames by force to obtain the tokens for pvp armor, the same player would prefer to use his limited time to try his luck on a pug minigame instead of coming to aid a fellow guildie.

    .player behaviour-
    when group sign-ups were available you were forced to learn to teamplay and coordinate as a team for winning game objectives or simply to pound oposing team to the rezpad and keep them there while one of the party ran a quick flag, essencialy players had to teamplay to win.
    pug sign ups allowed for an overwhelming amount of players to get pvp10 without ever doing any team content, hence they play pvp in chaotic survival mode or just abusing an overpowered class playing exclusively for kd with utter disdain for team.

    in the end funcom will continue doing nothing and same fury people+korando will keep defending how good pug cue is for aoc, nothing new.

    and reality still is minigames is group content wich by imbecility was downgraded to solo content.

    you will only fix it by bring solo content and then returning group sign ups to minigames and removing tournament mode.

    game still needs 2vs2, 3vs3vs3 arenas for solo players, and crom still needs daily pvp quests in cimmerian end for solo players.

    but nothing will change untill most likely after this summer fury dies out.

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    There are two queues...


    People being a dick about winning to losers makes them not want to sign for Tournament.

    You cannot force people back into the old pre Vs the world scenario BECAUSE MINIS STOPPED HAPPENING WHEN THE POPULATION HAD 1 PRE VS 1 PUG ONLINE.

    6 hours straight and you might get 2 pop. To have them stompedby a pre that won't cap for obvious reasons.


    I'm all for premades but there's just not enough people that know each other any more and my mates mostly left the game, like Rydon and Stealthkilla, Parabolla before that and a load others.

    SIDENOTE: If you're going to be a bad winner; posting screenies of farm pre's on forums etc etc then people won't wanna premade when they know their group is not as skilled, not as well geared, or not as good team cohesion.

    So don't come asking for pre's vs pugs it doesn't work and never did. YES PUGS ARE TERRIBAD but that's no reason to drive people away from dead server even more than now.
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    Casual pvpers donot want to group to minigame and without the casual pvpers population you have no queue. You cant force people to group up for a pug queue. When you want 6v6 get 12 and tournament mode. Frankly i dont get why this debate is raging.
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    it's funny, the people arguing against this play classes that are strong individually and can easily come out of any mini game with a strong kd, or they're just plain bad and really like the idea of 50/50 chance on a win because a) no one would want them on their team, and b) 50/50 is a lot better than they would do should the game require skill.

    the people advocating this are the ones that want to stomp on pugs. they're not going to do any kind of buddy system, ever, so it's one or the other when we have both in game. no one premades each other because of this reason. maybe the devs can entice using the tournament queue, and give better rewards than the pug queue, that's the best you'll get.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Surgery View Post
    So don't come asking for pre's vs pugs it doesn't work and never did. YES PUGS ARE TERRIBAD but that's no reason to drive people away from dead server even more than now.
    enjoy your dead server and pug minigames you have earned it by systematicaly defending their need and systematicaly justifying need of pvp power progression gear, and symptomatically claiming shrines of bori is good pvp content.

    your always same guys saying same things so enjoy it, please enjoy what you have been defending.

    i had the time of my aoc gaming life grouping up in minigames and fighting premades, wich most of them where just pug guild groups same as the assorted pregroup groups that fought them, hardly knew anyone who would sign up alone, loners would be trolling global and doing duels or patroling enemy guild cities resource areas for bots and random victims, or just doing raid patrols to gank raiders.

    cant wait to for next pvp festival week only time i can group up with guildies and friends for pvp on crom.

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    Hey ppl who want to hold minis as it is now. You are wrong. Minigames is team content. For single pvp fights there is openworld pvp option. As it was long time ago - only good players sign mini, skilled fighters who can beat a premade if they organize theirselves quick. Other ppl were in kheshatta dueling and zerging eachothers. And it is normal when team content gives a win priority to organised teams. And look at pvp servers - there is no openworld pvp in aoc now because every noob can sign and win mini even he go afk. So ppl forget how to improve their pvp skill in duels or mass pvp with different tactics. People leave to crom because only pvp here is minigame content. As i said, the fact that a noob can win a minigame without TRYING to learn how to be better - this fact ruins open world pvp and makes pvp servers low populated. And makes current minigames a hell for normal pvper who want to play and fight other players and dont make **** talks in chat about noobs who leave or hide or go for their own egoistical fun or do other annoying and gamebreaking things.

    And if someone wants to tell me "you dont know about what do you talk" - i play since august 2008 at Aquilonia server (Condemned->Sanguis Attexo)so i know everything about pvp situation in aoc. I was farmed by premades while i signed with pugs, but it was my choice. For single pvp content go duels or download mortal combat.

    Ah, and if you say "hey, im on crom and here is no open world pvp!" - blame yourself that you transfer to pve server.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Laethiel View Post
    Casual pvpers donot want to group to minigame and without the casual pvpers population you have no queue. You cant force people to group up for a pug queue. When you want 6v6 get 12 and tournament mode. Frankly i dont get why this debate is raging.
    casual solo players would be encouraged to be in a guild so they could guild group up for minigames, wich never was an asure win but a whole lvl more fun then current debasing system where no one will aid you at all.

    example forum user slith, i was in same guild as him in aquilonia, he was avery casual player never realy doing any sieges or raids, but he would logon and make a team of random guildies and people from his friends list we would play together and try and win games, we didnt always win but was a whole lvl more confortable to learn to play better in that way, then it is today that no group signups are allowed.

    solo player should have their own content arena minimatchs and the daily quests, the error was tranforming 6vs6 content into the anti team content it is today.
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