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Thread: Discuss! Game Director Letter - May 2014

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    Quote Originally Posted by xiulo88 View Post
    the vulcan science academy has determined that winning other players using 3rd party programs is impossible
    Blashphemy! That was time travel! Omg I miss the old school Star Trek so much, this new revamp "lets make it for the masses" is so bad...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Naerri View Post
    Blashphemy! That was time travel! Omg I miss the old school Star Trek so much, this new revamp "lets make it for the masses" is so bad...
    ...Star Trek:Enterprise FOREEEVER.BAKULA RULES!!! :P
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    Quote Originally Posted by xiulo88 View Post
    4)Conversion of tokens will be an epic fail. You killed T2 with the world bosses and now you pretend killing t3 with t2 farm.
    Well, my guess is that you will only be able to exchange token, not relic. So yhea, you might be able to get T3 small pieces with T2 (such as belt or wrist), but not big pieces suc as Chest or helm. For these you will still need to raid T3. Which is no different that what you can get by farming world boss.
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    And again..nothing for us (the players) to see, is it really that hard to post something you have worked on for the month?

    Lets say you created a Boss room, post a screenshot!
    or a new boss, post a screenshot!
    or a new armor set, put it on a gm char and POST A SCREENSHOT!

    give us something besides meaningless words.

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    when people (and devs) start the nostalgia feeling i'm not very optimistic....but then again i stopped being optimistic about AoC since they moved to US and let go so many of their workforce.

    on the bright side i have so many t1,t2 tokens
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    About exchanging raid tokens for other raid tokens:

    The idea is good. To make it succeed, however, some serious thought is needed about exchange rates or what you actually get.

    An exchange rate that is too "generous" wouldn't actually do much harm, but a lot of players would probably cry out about giving the good damn noobs loot for free and so and so forth.

    If the exchange rate is too stingy, however, the goal of encouraging players to help out in lower tier raids wouldn't be achieved.

    Nowadays, the top tier players are only interested in T4 tokens. Getting, for example, T2 tokens for helping out in a T1 raid wouldn't help them at all. Even just getting 1 T4 token wouldn't be much of an incentive - you'd get 3-5 T4 tokens in the same time in a T4 raid PLUS the chance to get actual T4 loot.

    The matter is made more difficult by the difference in the number of tokens that drop (and therefore tokens/time) and are needed in T1 to T4 raids: You get 10/11 tokens in T3/T4 and need 40 tokens for a small armor piece, i. e. 4 raids per small armor piece. In T1, you get 3 tokens and need 4 for a small armor piece, i. e. 1 1/3 raids per small armor piece. Thus, T1 tokens are actually more valuable when you just consider how many you need to buy an armor piece (disregarding its quality).

    To give an example: Let's assume than all tokens can be converted into higher tier tokens on a 2:1 basis. Let's assume a T4 equipped character helps out in a T1 raid. He gets 3 automatic tokens, which he'd exchange for 1.5 T2 tokens, 0.75 T3 or .375 T4 tokens. He'd need to help out in 2.67 full T1 runs before he'd even get a single small T4 token. That's not a relevant incentive for even the most token hungry player. A cloud run would gain him much more tokens in the same time at little more difficulty.

    I will propose a different approach:

    Make lower tier tokens relevant for buying accessoires/weapons from higher tier raids, e. g. w small T4 tokens + x T3 tokens + y T2 tokens + z T1 tokens to buy a T4 ring.

    That would having to decide on an exchange ratio, which, as argued above, will be very hard and will displease a large part of the community no matter how you decide.
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    Default Memories of AoC

    but where were you? How many of you were there for that first glimpse of Hyboria? How many of you came later?

    AoC was my first MMO ever. I started looking for MMO games in 2007, when I started working as an intern journalist doing shift work. I wanted to play some of my favourite roll playing type games, Baldur’s Gate, Neverwinter, D&D, Elder Scrolls, etc., but to share and create stories and adventures with others. WoW was too cartoonish for my taste.

    I searched online and found the previews of AoC, especially its mature rating and the focus on real-looking character models and low-fantasy magic (less sparkle, more crackle and dark forces, evil, etc.). The reviews excited me and I started to read about it on wikis and gaming websites, sometimes while I was at work.

    In 2008, I sat on the sidelines as AoC launched. I did not have a computer capable of handling the game, nor an Internet connection with which to join. I continued to read REH stories online, many of which were posted on the wikis and increased my knowledge of the REH Conan world.

    I wanted to play as a mage character, as I loved the complex magic system of D&D and using the right spell for the right occasion, and I also read in the original AoC manual I downloaded that spells can be found in books in AoC in game. (This, obviously, was changed to a class-spell system.)

    Two years later, just after RotGS launched, I managed to get a computer capable of handling the game.

    I started playing AoC. But, having read a review of the PvP of AoConan, I decided that I would play as a soldier, specifically the DT as he, nominally, had access to spells (me still being under the impression that I would be able to have a spellbook and can find spells).

    I started on a PvE server to test my first-ever MMO. I played to level 43 and then went to Aquilonia, the RP-PvP EU server and rerolled my DT. On this server, I met up with my guild the RP-focused Hand of Ibis, which was a perfect match for me.

    I have never since considered going back to a PvE server, as AoC PvP was very close to the dangerous world I found in REH’s Conan stories.

    I only played about 2 hours a day at max, and sometimes less given my weird work hours. I would try to make exceptions for my guild when I could. I only had a handful of characters, but for each of them I had a detailed backstory, which worked well for RP.

    I have never stopped playing my DT, but I also enjoyed trying to make a melee ranger (not sure if that was ever a good idea ) and a necromancer (to test mages without my initial faulty understanding of spells).

    I still play my DT and I play my ranger (who is in-game Stygian, but I made him a dark chocolate brown so that I can RP him as a Shemite). I have not progressed my necromancer past level 23, as I thoroughly prefer the melee combat of AoC. Much more visceral.

    Many of the AoC problems have been addressed: multi-spec, reusing some of the beautiful low-level dungeons, improving the textures in the older parts of the game and making PvP give rewards for PvP.

    My guild eventually folded, but my focus has always remained on RP-PvP and open world PvP, as well as solo play during the weird times I can play before or after work, which, to me, was sort of like living and playing out my own Conan story. But the raids and group dungeons opened my eyes to the level of complex team work that can be encouraged by MMOs. Nothing in D&D was that complex! Even though there is limited RP left on Fury, I still enjoy my character being part of a living and very dangerous world!

    Well done to the AoC team for the new PvP updates. You, sirs, just talked yourselves into a sale. (You got me to resub.)
    In balance with this life, this death
    -- Hand of Ibis RiP
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mellaus View Post

    Now what really baffles me is the fact that Funcom hired a new game designer to work specifically on AoC.
    Considering how much it costs to create a spot for a brand new resource, revenues from AoC must be much better than anticipated this year.
    Maybe they just hired a new trainee so they can draw off Cirith Gorgor from AoC and have him work for the new Lego game

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    Quote Originally Posted by Khaletohep View Post

    I will propose a different approach:

    Make lower tier tokens relevant for buying accessoires/weapons from higher tier raids, e. g. w small T4 tokens + x T3 tokens + y T2 tokens + z T1 tokens to buy a T4 ring.
    No way, if you give t4 rings and weapons for tokens people will be full T4 without killing emperor and zodiac. Right now the only pieces that you can't get twisting the rules are the weapons of emperor. A char can get all the other gear of T4 without drawing the sword.

    If they want to enable the exchange of tokens so be it but the ratio has to be lower. Something like 10T2:1T3 or worse. This exchange should calm the feeling of lootwhores of "loosing time" but shouldn't encourage a T1/T2 farm of geared people.

    BTW people with full t4 gear don't help new players when they do the dungeons for them. Think about what means nowadays "need MT, OT" it means "I need a solo tank overgeared and a slacker who can kite or use his dread shadow and loot. And with T4 tanks in T2 happens the same all become a competition about what tank has the long dick.
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