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Thread: Discuss! Game Director Letter - May 2014

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    Funcom Discuss! Game Director Letter - May 2014

    Game Director Letter – May 2014

    Feel free to discuss the monthly Game Director Letter here!
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    PvP streak ... what's in it for those of us that are long long caped on pvp lvls..and pvp gear...and AAs..

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    any ETA for craft revamp/slithering chaos/cetriss/new AA etc for test live at least ??
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    still no sign at all in regards to letting people play with friends / guildys in minis.

    come on guys.

    even the old method is prefered but how hard could a pvp 0-4 pug / pvp 5-10 premade/pug together sign up be....

    seriously. it is about time you guys stop this pug crap.

    99% of minis are 6v6, then after 2mins 2 leave, 2 go in hide, and 6 people farm 2 people on the pad.


    make people EARN/DESERVE there tokens! If there is a group of 3 people winning all there games because THEY ARE STRONGER/BETTER PLAYERS then why the hell would the other team deserve to win anyway? why do you feel this need to just have random groups so everyone can win>?

    why are raids not pug? why can pvers raid with friends?

    seriously, this has gone on way too long. pull your fingers out of your bumholes and fix this pvp issue.
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    PvPstreak increases the motivation for winning (and in relation to that teamplay) even if you already got the quest for the mini on cooldown.

    Step in the right direction if you ask me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Caudilloo View Post
    PvPstreak increases the motivation for winning (and in relation to that teamplay) even if you already got the quest for the mini on cooldown.

    Step in the right direction if you ask me.
    not really. changes nothing and avoids the actual problem with minis

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    This pvp streak thing just screams "fightclubbing" even more than current quests. You are aware that it is quite easy for big guilds and strong players to manipulate minis? Will this streak system apply to both tournament and pug? Any intention of checking the "balancing" algorithm and handling of presigned groups too?

    What do you intend to do to make this attractive to participate in as intended (e.g. fighting, not either fightclub or onesided farm)?

    The conversion thing sounds good Have you included a check that requires chars to have raided t2+ at least once, before they convert tokens?

    When will it be possible to buy raidweapons and accesoires with tokens? Or is it adressed already?
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    No mention at all of the crafting revamp? Seriously? So the crafting revamp isnt coming in 2014 then. Thats just great. This is so f'''ing disapointing. Funcom cant you please just tell us the truth? the revamp is canceled and will never see the light of day.
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    After last letter I canceled sub saying 'never more'. But I got fooled by this one and it's now open again. I hate you.
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    I alluded to it last month, but the Palace of Cetriss tier will actually include other raids - revamps of several of the older raids – bringing them to a higher difficulty and rewarding players under our new loot system.
    So, like the old world and new world quests? Kill all three T1 bosses and get a purple cache (or caches) or something? If that's the case, and they drop the same possible purple loot, everyone would farm the crap out of them - even if they were harder. Hope they upgrade Kylikki - love that raid.

    What in T2 do y'all think they could change? W3 already has the craft on levi - maybe AB could be changed? I feel W1 could be kicked up a gear. Also, Wing 2. I feel, given it's length, they need to re-incentivise this one. W1 has shards, W3 has the craft and isn't too long. W2 though? It's a cool raid, with some interesting bosses and mechanics, but it's quite the slog. Make it worthwhile again.

    I'm also wondering, with a vendor to be added that sells accessories and the ability to convert tokens upwards, perhaps increase how many tokens drop per boss kill? Also, maybe add the purple cache quest to T2 - a separate quest per wing even. Give even more caches for a W2 clear.

    (I also had the crazy idea they should put the vendor for T2 weapons and accessories at the end of Wing 2, like the dude in T3. But maybe that'll just piss people off )
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