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Thread: who wants to marry me?

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    Default who wants to marry me?

    In a distant future...

    Jhebal Sag. In our team we have 1 DT, lets call him LOLLANNE, and two barbs. One barb is PRO_REAVER and the other barb is NOOB_ZERKER. Our team has won the match after 30 min of fighting. Thanks to a new statistic patch we have access to some interesting data. Let's check it by clicking on the names in the result screen that pops up after the match ended.

    LOLLANNE, 0 kills, 0 death, made 0 dmg during the entire match. He was in stealth for 29 minutes. He gained 4 tokens and 700 pvp xp.

    PRO_REAVER, 7 kills, 0 death, made 60.000 dmg. That's an average of 33 dps. He captured one flag. He used 8 cc's. He was in stealth for 23 minutes. He gained 4 tokens and 650 pvp xp.

    NOOB_ZERKER, 2 kills, 15 death, made 720.000 dmg. That's an average of 400 dps. He captured 9 flags. He used 50 cc's. He was not in stealth. He gained 4 tokens and 720 pvp xp.

    This is about how current minigames work and how much NOOB_ZERKER sucks. Only 2 kills and 15 times dieing. What a noob. Maybe he should take some lesson from PRO_REAVER. PRO_REAVER knows: best way to get kill credits is to farm some noobs who just come from rezzpad. If you kill somebody else then a necro will get the kill credit. Best protection to stay alive is to stay in stealth. Even our dt LOLLANNE knows it.

    Two weeks later for some strange reason Funcom decides to introduce some ranking system based on their gathered stats. They call it efficiency rating. This will take some time to explain but I want to give you a short preview. According to this efficiency rating NOOB_ZERKER is a better barb than PRO_REAVER. Outrageous!!!

    I can't tell you anything about LOLLANNE. It seems GM's do have access to this data and if they have time they observe people doing extremely well or exremely bad and there is a rumour they sometimes ban such people. For 3 days or so.

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    Please note that the stats are the same for all classes but your efficiency rating is based solely on your class. An average player gets an efficiency rating (ER) of 1000. Good barbs will get an ER above 1000. Bad barbs an ER below 1000. If you play a barb you will not get compared to other classes. I've heard some players work on their own rating system that allow such comparision, though. More on this later.

    There are stats about how many matches of Totem Torrent you have won and how many you have lost etc. Those stats have zero impact on your ER. Before you rage about how winning should have an impact on ER please continue reading. It will get more complex.

    TIME_SOTR: time you spend with shield of the risen + the time you have to wait for resurrection. This number will get substracted from other "TIME stats".

    Total_Time: obviously some calculations such as damage per second need a time parameter. You have to know that you can see your stats ingame for your very last match you have played. On the internet you can see how much time alltogether you have spend in all your mini games and all the other accumulated stats that follow.

    AVG_Time: The average time of an average minigame you play

    Total_DMG: all your damage from all your minigames

    AVG_DMG: your average damage per second. This number will have a huge impact on your efficiency rating

    Total_DMG_REC: all the damage from all your minigames you received

    AVG_DMG_REC: the average dmg other players deal to you per second. This does have an impact on your efficiency rating but not that much as AVG_DMG. Obviously Funcom does believe that players who risk something should get rewarded. This stat could be a decent indicator if a tank does his job in mini games. Of course he will try to avoid incoming damage to survive. Nevertheless this is an indicator if someone is pushing or not. Good players take damage. Very bad players often take zero damge because they are in stealth all time.

    DMG_RATIO: your average dmg / dmg_rec

    Kills: number of all your kills (surprise!!!). This number has zero impact on your efficiency rating.

    Deaths: how many times you've died. This number has a great negative impact on your efficiency rating to prevent brainless suicide pushing just to get a maximum rating from the damage you've done and the damage you've received.

    KD_RATIO: kills / deaths

    TOTAL_TIME_STEALTH: all your time in stealth in all mini games

    AVG_TIME_STEALTH: your average time in stealth in seconds per minute.

    TOTAL_STEALTH_PENALTY: you need to know that rogues have 10 seconds free stealth per minute without penalty. Other classes have 5 seconds per minute. It is possible to hide longer but that comes at a price which will effect your ER very bad. During a mini game there is a stealth pool for your char. This stealth pool only lasts for the time of the mini game. Every minute you gain another 10 seconds as a rogue. A new match means a new stealth pool.

    If you hide 30 seconds in the first minute you can avoid a stealth penalty by not going into stealth for the next 150 seconds. Just a theoretic example: If mini ends after 120 seconds for whatever reasons then you get 10 seconds penalty because you have not had the opportunity to be 150 seconds out of stealth.

    AVG_STEATH_PENALTY: average penalty in seconds per minute. This will have a huge negative impact on your ER.

    ALL_YOUR_CCS: this stat doesn't exist. It is a placeholder for all available cc's. If you cc somebody it will have a small positive impact on your ER. It might be useful for your ER not to keep all your cc's to save yourself.

    CC_PENALTY: yes, here it is. Nobody thought about this. If you try to cc somebody who already has a cc immunity than you will get a small penalty. It might be useful to check your opponents immunities before spamming ccs if you want to max out your ER. Just because you can spam every 10 seconds an aoe knockback as a conq it doesnt have to be a good idea to do this.

    TOTAL_HEAL: all your heals from all your matches you've done to other players within your team

    AVG_HEAL: average heal per second. This will have a huge impact on your ER. I heard somebody say the number 1 DT shouldn't be number 1 DT. The DT on second place is much better. All the number 1 DT has done to get the first place was to spam green heals. We know only noob dt's do such things. Some Pomologists also might addapt their playstyle if they want a top ER. Healing gets rewarded.

    HEAL_PENALTY: wtf is that? This is the healing you've done to players of the enemy team. This one comes with a super mega harsh penalty for your ER. Next time you better think twice if it is a good idea to beat that conq while he gots overcome the odds running.

    AVG_SELF_HEAL: this stat doesn't have any impact on your ER but it might be interesting to see f.e. if you are a barb how other barbs are doing compared to yourself.

    SKULL_TIME: your avg time seconds/min you carry a skull during a minigame. No impact on ER. It is important to note that some things changed. The flag carrier no longer gets a penalty for holding the flag. He is taking a risk by taking the skull and therefore making himself a more juicy target for the enemy team. He should get rewarded for this. A flag carrier gets some additional cc immunities instead of this stupid movement penalty.

    SKULL_TAKER: each time you take a skull your SKULL_TAKER stat will rise +1. No impact on ER, you already get the carrier buff.

    SKULL_DELIVER: delivering a skull to its destination will grant a significant boost to your ER. Reason for a significant boost: if you are in the superior team as a carrier that wins a match within a very short time you will not have a chance to do dmg etc. All you do is running with flag. This task should get a reward that is better than farming some noobs on rezzpad. This will be easier to understand later.

    SKULL_DEATH: how many skull carriers from your team die in an average capture the skull match. It will give a huge penalty for the entire team with the exception of the carrier who died. You better watch out next time and keep your carrier alive. However to prevent misusing this stat for harrassing your own team members as a skull carrier by taking the skull again and again and again in a hopeless situation there is a timer.

    No timer for the very first death of a carrier. After the first death a timer starts. Two minutes without risk of penalty for the second death of a carrier. This means after loosing the first skull you will not get this penalty if the carrier dies before two minutes have passed. This also means without penalty the timer will not increase if a carrier dies withing this 2 minutes timeframe. Only if a carrier dies after the timer's timeframe has passed the timer will increase.

    4 minutes for the third timeframe. 8 minutes for the fourth timeframe. If you do the math it is impossible to get more than 4 of this penalties during a match that lasts max 20 minutes. Nevertheless this penalty is harsh. You want to avoid this if you want a good ER. Having no carrier is not a good idea, though. You might not win the match.

    FLAG_CAP: flags captured in Jhebbal Sag. Small ER boost

    LEAVE_MATCH: how many times you leave a match. Leaving a match will give you 1 death penalty. The kill credit will go to the player that made the most damage to you. If no player made damage, f.e. if you leave after resurrection with shield of the risen, then kill credit will be granted to the Gods of Hyboria. No more leaving for kd whoring reasons. Leaving a match comes with a penalty for the ER you've achieved while playing this match. All your achievements during this match are not worth 100% but only 75%. Cowards shame 10 minute timer gets removed.

    LATE_JOIN: if you join a match that is already running. This will give a significant boost to your ER for this match

    SURPRISE_STAT: surprise comes later, unexpected

    OTHER_STATS: Of course I know them all but maybe you can guess which stats I've not mentioned so far are also important or interesting to see...

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    The price of pvp gear has been mutiplied by 100. Currently you get zero tokens if you are in the loosing team and 1 token if you are in the winning team. This changed. Instead of 6 tokens there are now 600 tokens. This doesn't mean YOU will get 100 token instead of 1 if you are in the winning team. It is more complex. The loosing team can also get a nice share of this 600 tokens if it's playing good.

    Please let me explain with an example of a capture the skull match. The number of tokens your team gets depends on the time the match lasts. A clear victory shorther than 5 minutes means the winning team gets 100% of all tokens. If the match lasts longer than 5 minutes, then the loosing team gets some token as well. If the match lasts 20 minutes both teams will get 300 token each.

    This means that after 5 minutes have passed for a 100% victory each additional minutes of the 15 remaining minutes will grant the loosing team 300 / 15 = 20 token. This balance of token will also have an impact on your ER. More on this later. The superior team now has a solid reason to win as fast as possible. They want their ER rating as high as possible and they want as many tokens as possible. Only a fast victory gives best results. The loosing team however now gets a solid reason to fight as hard as possible. They want their share of their tokens, too.

    So now we know how the teams get rewarded with tokens but there is more. Let's assume you are in the winning team and your team had won after 15 minutes. This means the loosing team gets 200 token and your team gets 400 token. You might think you've done a lot more than that LOLLANNE DT who again was in stealth during the entire match. Your team had won with 5 vs 6 people. Would it be fair that LOLLANNE gets 400 / 6 = 66 tokens? No, and luckily we can use the ER rating of each individuel player during this specific match to split the tokens in a fair manner.

    Your ER rating for this specific match is far above 1000 so you have a fair chance to get more tokens than 400 / 5 = 80 tokens. How does it work? Lets say you achieved an ER of 1800, player 2 got 1500 ER, player 3 gets 1200 ER, player 4 and 5 both have an ER of 1100. Only LOLLANNE gets an ER of 0. Alltogether your team got an ER of 6700. So the 5 active players got an average ER of 1340. In other words if you would have achieved 1340 ER during this specific match you would get 80 tokens. Everybody above gets more, everybody below gets less. Bad luck for players 3, 4 and 5. Despite the fact having an ER above average (1000 in the grand scheme), during this specific match it's below average. You and player 2 carried this match and now you get the biggest rewards. You get 1800 / 1340 * 80 = 107 tokens.
    player2 gets 1500 / 1340 * 80 = 90 tokens.
    player3 gets 1200 / 1340 * 80 = 72 tokens.
    player4 gets 1100 / 1340 * 80 = 66 tokens.
    player5 gets 1100 / 1340 * 80 = 66 tokens.
    LOLLANNE gets 0 / 1340 * 80 = 0 tokens.

    Let's take a look at the loosing team. They have gained 200 tokens during this match. They divide their tokens the same way as the winning team. One specific player, let us call him MR_OP, did an awesome job. MR_OP fought like mad and gained a 2800 ER. Something only very few players can achieve. This ER allows him to take a huge chunk of those 200 tokens. All the other players in the loosing team got a ER below average (700 ER each in this example). Altogether the whole team gets a sum of 6300 ER. 6300 / 6 = 1050. MR_OP gets 2800 / 1050 * 200 / 6 = 88 tokens. Only you and player2 in the winning team gained more tokens than MR_OP from the loosing team.

    And now to the SURPRISE_STAT. This stat is: (your ER / average ER of your team). Let us rename SURPRISE_STAT to HANDYCAP. It is working for all your mini games you play and it will change over time. It is an average value. For you in the previous example your HANDYCAP for this specific match would have been 1800 / 1340 = 1,34. MR_OP would have gained a value of 2800 / 1050 = 2,66. HANDYCAP has no impact on this specific match but it will adjust your overall HANDYCAP. To those who might have complained in the very beginning that it has zero impact on your ER if you win or if you loose: it doesn't always matter if you win or if you loose. It matters if you win fast. It matters if you fight hard and good and under which specific circumstances you have to fight.

    If you are a member of a superstar premade team but you suck compared to the other 5 members in your team then your HANDYCAP will go far below 1.0. If the matchmaker has a bad day and you always end in a team with bad players you have a nice opportunity to increase your HANDYCAP even if you are an average player. HANDYCAP will work as a multiplier on your ER to calculate your FINAL_ER. This means the difference between bad and good players will be even more visible to see in your FINAL_ER than it is in your (base) ER. Fighting in bad teams is more rewarding than fighting in good teams for your FINAL_ER. If you leave all matches with bad teams and only play in good teams, you will get a bad FINAL_ER because your HANDYCAP will suffer. If you are that awesome that you are always number one even in teams with very skilled players then your HANDYCAP and FINAL_ER of course will shine.

    But what about the influence of tokens for your ER? There is a AVG_TOKEN stat. As an average player your AVG_TOKEN stat should have a value of 600 / 12 = 50. It is working similar to the HANDYCAP modifier. This will be used to calculate your END_FINAL_ER. However the value is much less important than the value of HANDYCAP. As a low skilled player of a superstar premade team you might get more than 50 tokens a match just because your team regularly wins within 5 minutes. That's why this stat is less important.

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    Sad but true, during a mini game usually some people die. If people die they grant xp to the killers. Currently everybody in your team participates from this xp, regardless if he is in stealth doing nothing or if he is fighting like a madman. This time is over.

    All XP your team gathered during a match comes into a pool. After the match has ended the accumulated XP will be divided among all players in a very similar way as it is with token. This way LOLLANNE won't get any XP at all. However to give new players a chance to rise their pvp level there is another multiplier added. As more as you are above the average of your team, as more your multiplier will decrease. As a good player you will get a lot more token but you will not get a lot more XP. As more you are below average as more the multiplier will increase. As a bad player you will get a lot less token but still a decent amount of XP.

    This might not be so fair but still much better than the current system. Players with low level pvp rank got it already hard. No need to make it even harder to rise their pvp level than it is currently. This is only implented so that players like LOLLANNE don't get XP. LOLLANNE's multiplier might be sky high but multiplied with zero it still remains zero. Players who want to rise their pvp level faster should take a look at the new tournament mode.

    Good players want teamplay. Unfortunately time has proven you can't find enough good players regardless of server to fill up 2 teams that can fight vs each other. This means We need some kind of reward that encourages not so good players as well. Preferable we want as many teams as possible so even the pvp r0 crowd wants to participate in tournament mode. Such a high number of teams also decreases the risk of facing the one OP team.

    This are the rules: Today every player can join a guild. Tomorrow he also can join a tournament team while still staying in his guild. Guild membership has no impact on team membership. Teams have a max size of 10. I even would prefer a lower number.

    Teams have to fight during a season vs at least 10 different teams to qualify for the chance to gain a reward. They can play as many matches as they want to, though. A season lasts 14 days. That's less than 1 fight per day. A team that scores at least 1 single victory vs at least 10 different teams gets the reward 4th class.

    To qualify for higher rewards you have to score more than one victory vs at least ten different teams. Only the highest score vs an individuel team counts. The average score of the 1 - 10 best victories will be compared to find the three teams that gets the 3rd, 2nd and 1st class reward.

    There is a new chat command (/setoption_show_tournament_results) which gives you a list of all tournament matches with their results in tokens of the last 24 hours. Example: TeamA vs TeamB = 400 : 200 etc

    4th class = 25% more XP and tokens in regular minis (in theory hundreds of teams can gain this reward and every single team that participated in the tournament could and most likely will get this reward just by winning one match)

    The three top teams get the same reward and additional

    3rd class = the pvp level shown above their heads will shine in bronze colour (only one team can get this reward)
    2nd class = the pvp level shown above their heads will shine in silver colour (only one team can get this reward)
    1st class = the pvp level shown above their heads will shine in gold colour (only one team can get this reward)

    Additional token from this reward don't count for your ER.

    So if you play mini games regularly, no matter how good or bad you are, it most likely will become very rewarding to participate in tournament mode even if you are completely new to pvp. 10 matches during a period of 14 days should be possible.

    Final thoughts
    The reason of the introduction of the efficiency rating is to encourage a more teamplay orientated gameplay. KD whoring is easy. ER whoring will become a lot harder. I have no doubt that people will figure out the best ways to get a better ER. However as all stats are stored in database. It is possible to create new ER ratings, to give new weights to different stats. For example you could say damage done should be more important than healing done or whatever and change the formula that calculates the rating. Suddenly your ER rating might get a drop because you exploited the fact that healing done was overrated. Keep this in mind while ER whoring.

    The ER only can have an impact if it is visible to all. If not, then some people might think: screw this, all that matters is kd. It is up to the community to ask Funcom for stats and ratings.

    Of course this ratings will be used ingame to talk about other players. No doubt about that. If you are a bad player you might want to hide the fact that you are bad. However please keep in mind that not every player with a bad kd must be a bad player and people already realize if you are good or bad even without public available stats. I am sure NOOB_ZERKER would like to have this system implemented even if he most likely still won't become number 1 in barbs ranking. He might think if this system punishes kd whores and hiding specialists than it might be reason enough to implement this system. I think if such hardcore pvp games like world of warcraft can have public rankings than it should be possible for aoc, too.

    Another reason to make this public is that players now could create their very own ranking system, different from the system of Funcom. If such a player made ranking would become popular than Funcom might change their own system accordingly without having to spend a lot of time for this finetuning.

    Last but not least while this ranking system only compares barbs with barbs and rangers only with rangers it still offers some valuable data to give some arguments when we talk about class balance. More data than a pure kill death statistic could give.

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    Holy wall of text, Batman...

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    stats? theres like a dozen threads on ppl asking for stats, the pvp poulation has been supportive of stats for a long time

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    huh? not sure what it is your even talking about.

    but anywyas, aoc can not have anything to do with stats or people get butthurt, hence why kd was removed.

    also, when posting try to not talk/type to yourself so much when you write, makes you sound like a weirdo.
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    Quote Originally Posted by GeldourConq View Post
    also, when posting try to not talk/type to yourself so much when you write, makes you sound like a weirdo.
    who the f*ck cares, this is the internets

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wheya View Post
    This means that after 5 minutes have passed for a 100% victory each additional minutes of the 15 remaining minutes will grant the loosing team 300 / 15 = 20 token. This balance of token will also have an impact on your ER. More on this later. The superior team now has a solid reason to win as fast as possible. They want their ER rating as high as possible and they want as many tokens as possible. Only a fast victory gives best results. The loosing team however now gets a solid reason to fight as hard as possible. They want their share of their tokens, too.
    this is the most awesome idea...nice work

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    what? I was lured here with a promise of marriage proposal! Fake!

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