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Thread: How can we help you, Funcom?

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    Question How can we help you, Funcom?

    Never had a registration on this forum, but finally did it.)
    I want to ask only one question to Funcom.

    How we, players, can help you to bun cheaters?

    I play this game since 2008 , and really love it, but now days it became more sad and sad to join mini games. You always have at least one very fast or/and comber guy from 12 fighters. And I would say not all of them Russians, like people write on forums, but Russians also a lot.
    Russian AOC community new almost of them and their twinks, from our side we can help you now only one way – social (and we did it already). No one normal guild (I mean the guilds closing T4 and will I hope close T5) will never invite this people to our members (so high end PVE is closed for them), will never take them to participle in premades and so on. But, they able to play mini (and it`s the thing what 90% of new people come to have a look on AOC see first), so they damage the reputation of a game and in the end the quantity of players and premium members. As for me from financial (it`s more important for you)) and brand part - they destroy so nice game.
    I now, people sign a petitions, send you a video, invite you to look on duels with cheaters, showing you in game how the cheats work, finally sending you a cheat program – it does not help. I now you close or delete this thread according ti the rules of forum)
    Just please answer the question, what should you see in PVP aspect to bun cheater, what should we send you to do it (video etc). And it will be nice if you added to monthly director letter (or do it separate) not list of shame but list of the people you have check during the month and decide what they are clear – it will help players to sleep well, we will now that you are at least “working on it”)))
    P.S. Sorry for long post and not very clear English

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    I don't want to sound like a a'hole but I don't think Funcom can/want to do anything efficient about it. On Crom, if I'm not mistaken, there's a whole russian guild using cheats. Many if not all of them are there doing their business since quite a long time. They are daily reported but nothing changes.

    So you can't expect them wanting our help since it's what people kept doing until now, yet they say everything is ok/under control.

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    im really sorry, but ur getting banned for this

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trulala View Post
    How we, players, can help you to bun cheaters?
    Just please answer the question, what should you see in PVP aspect to bun cheater, what should we send you to do it
    I would like to get a clear answer
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    Thumbs up

    thumbs up to your request, Trulyalya.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ernests View Post
    I would like to get a clear answer
    Their answer is to censor any thread like this as its been posted 100 times. All they say to do is report them, but that reaches a brick wall. Glad I gave up pvp in this game.
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    Their only answer was that they have an anticheating system in place. They won't say anything more than that. People have posted YouTube videos showing certain individuals cheating and nothing happens. Another problem is they don't perma ban cheaters, only in "extreme cases".

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    Nothing is done really,I petitioned again [Edited by Drest: No names!] and a gm answered that he will look at it after I linked him the post of Tomium,I even invited him to come and see him at a mini that we were both in at the time my petitioned got answered but he didnt come.Also I post him a video of him dueling [Edited by Drest: No names!] where you can see his stun coming out almost before he start the combo but apparently all of these werent enough since today he was online again doing exactly the same things.

    So I would like a clear answer aswell how we can make you punish these kind of behaviour since videos,inviting to witness it,or petitions doesnt work?
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    Well let's hope there will be some reply to this post, above and beyond this:

    If you find an exploit, do not continue to use it, report it to Note that using an exploit will have severe consequences!
    If FC could give the community some indication as to what evidence they regard as helpful, and what as less helpful, this could go a long way.
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    I really appreciate this post, big thumbs up for the courage of making it, considering the bad attitude of forum moderators and of Funcom staff in general about this topic.

    I'm very susceptible about this topic for 2 reasons:

    1. I seriously hate cheaters, as pretty much every "honest" PvP player. It's simply a game breaking issue which should be number one in critical fixes in your schedule Funcom.

    2. I got accused many times of cheating aswell, so I also understand the opposite side of this issue: it's not possible to ban every player accused of cheating, and be wrong in those accusations is very easy (I'm pretty sure it happened to me aswell in the past to wrongly accuse a player of cheating; now I have a lot better understanding of what is possible and what not in this game, but I would not trust myself just to my "impressions").

    So in short: it's not the right way to ban everyone beeing accused of cheating (90% of bans would be probably correct players, and only 10% cheaters), but you can't go on ignoring this issue Funcom, because it's breaking seriously PvP side of the game, and yes let's say it: cheaters exist in this game, not many, but enough that it's quite common to get 2-3 per minigame often (few guys from a well known Crom russian guild sre very active in minigames).

    So as Trulalya wrote: tell us how we can help you, and do by yourself your job and develop code corrections to prevent those programs to work.
    What about reverse engineering of those softwares?
    Pretty much every experienced PvP player can provide you these softwares names (not going to post names on this thread of course, but I can send to any developer in private tell).

    You should even know that during the PvP Tournament I organized one idiot send a pm to me and several other recipers (all people involved in the tournament and posting on the same thread), with the link of one of those program and trying to sell it to us.

    Now I'm scared to be banned, but I'm just saying that I'm very available to forward the link to any developer so that you can download that software and analyze it, and eventually fix your softwares "holes".

    So please Funcom stop acting in the wrong direction, banning correct players who just ask for a solutuon of this issue which evidently exist, by talking about it on forum.

    Instead listen to players (just send pms if you want some feedback) do your job and fix this stuff once and for all.

    I trust you, your loyal subscriber for years..
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