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Thread: Can't decide between Dark Templar or Guardian

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    Default Can't decide between Dark Templar or Guardian

    Which class is better in DPS/tanking?
    I read that DT is good, even OP... is that so?

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    for pvp both are not that used classes,

    in pve and in pvp guardian is wery simple class while dt is bit harder. But dt has better dps, has dread shadow pet which is wery usefull, so if u looking for pve tank go for d
    The Law

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    Guard can do well without much gear (can tank t3 in blue crafted gear) and is overall a very reliable class.

    DT starts off quite weak when you first hit 80, then exponentially increases in power when you get gear and AAs, to become probably the strongest class ingame once you maxx out.

    PvE that is.

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    I say that guardian has a much easier time tanking in the game. With a dt its very gear dependent and AA dependent. starting out at level 80 tanking you will usually fill the role of an off tank, and even after your well geared I still feel more comfortable off tanking than playing main. Its so much harder for a dt to maintain aggro and keep it off the high dps players. But I like the way the class plays so I always play dt over guard.

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    There will be tank changes coming in shortly so things might change by the time your tank hits lvl 80.

    I tank better with my guardian so I like it better. With a good polearm I can do decent dps also, but my guardian is mostly set for tanking, not dps. If I want to dps I have lots of other character options.

    They are changing VOM and Stall the Advance. A DT really needs to have VOM and hopefully an Ibis from what I hear.

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    +1 what Lurvi says.

    Guard is much easier to play and not so gear dependant, but with right gear, spec and skill, DT is superior to Guard in every way, more aggro, survivability and a lot more dps. Also DT's dread shadow pet is probably the most useful tanking tool in game atm.

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    When it comes to tanking, i prefer dt. To keep track of both hp and mana is more intressting. Guard is a very simple class, and you might get bored if you are used to more "advanced" classes.

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    Get on the dt bandwagon with everyone else. They are op. Probably still will be op after the vom nerf.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aylis View Post
    Get on the dt bandwagon with everyone else. They are op. Probably still will be op after the vom nerf.
    Sure, they are confirmed OP, but the thread is about which one of the classes that is the most fun to play.

    Honestly most people i know plays dt because it's fun. Compare it with conq and guard, they're really boring classes imo, and difficult to "main".

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    Guard > DT, esp at 80, funwise. DT is all VoM+procs based at 80 so after the initial "woaw" effect you're just facepalming on how the class works on auto mode.

    Could change after the VoM nerf, tho, we don't know how they will handle this, but nuking the whole skill could save the class imo

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