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    Default FREE TOON LESSONS "In Game"

    OK, So I have personally about had it with going to raids and seeing fail tanks with fail healers go along side fail dps. If your one of those people who think the games population is filled with baddies atm, then you and I think alike.

    Now what to do about it? Instead of just complaining about it and it NEVER getting better, I have an idea.


    The idea is simple and non egocentric. Meaning Ego's wont be stroked, and real results will be the goal.

    What I'm looking for are the top few guilds in the game that remain to please send me a tell "via forums please" with the Best of the Best. Alongside that persons personal approval as to being cool with helping and holding lessons for new or old players looking to get better.

    Guard :












    Above are all the listed toons. When I receive a message from you in the forums, I am going to be putting your name up on the list.

    Now to keep the wanna be trainers that do mediocre dps/aggro/etc. themselves from getting on the list. I am going to parse you out or do aggro challenges with you via onyx. Again, not part of the "Epeen Challenge" But part of keeping the list above from being taken over with part of the problem in the first place.

    The aggro will be simple. I will compare your aggro to mine, if your better then cool, if your almost there then cool. If your seriously really fare behind my own aggro then you wont be on the list. No shame, no foul.

    To give an idea on the dps potential "via straw dummy" I will compile a list of dps goals for each and every single class. The dps potential of those toons will be compared to the gear that toon is wearing of course. Meaning, a Sin in full T4 would be expected to do more dps than a sin in T1 gear.

    To alleviate this situation all together. The Dps potential of all class's will be based on T2 gear with the normal or regular AA's feated up "pressing decisive etc"

    T2 gear and weapons are assumed

    Guardian DPS: Dps doesn't mean **** on aggro for guard, mainly rotation will do test in onyx. Still should be around 350 ish

    Conq: "600 Tanking", "1200 Frenzy". Again aggro will be tested in onyx.

    DT: T2 gear SUCKS for DT. Taning DT in khatia gear should hit 900 dps tanking, and 1300 frenzy. ATLEAST! Again, tanking will be tested in onyx.

    Sin: 1500 dps minimum.

    Barb: 1300 dps minimum "Remember it's on straw dummy not raids"

    Ranger: 1000 dps minimum

    BS: 800 dps minimum

    TOS: 1000 dps minimum

    Pom: 800 dps minimum

    Demo: 1000 dps minimum

    Hox: 950 dps minimum

    Necro: 1100 dps minimum

    This is a work in progress until I get a compiled list of GOOD players willing to help on this project. This thread is open for suggestions, just please keep the "Epeens" on check. I'm sure there are still Amazing players in the game I have yet to meet. Remember this entire project is an attempt to try and HELP those who are in need of in game help, not condemn each others past problems or flame each other in the name of stupidity.


    Thanks in advance!

    Also, I want to stress the part of FREE advice. If your thinking about making this into a pay for advice thread. I don't want your name on the list. The point is to help those in the community, not take from those who don't have much to give already.
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    I remember you starting a thread like this before that seemed to hold plenty of promise...

    Only to be shut down by one of the silly mods... I predict the same will happen this go around.

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    [Edited by Drest]

    Anyway, Back on point. Anyone else for the topic of this thread?

    Multiple other toons to help people with other than guards.

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    Guards: Schou/Schoujr, DT: Mycroch, Conq: Kenfast, Barb: Sonofcronus, Sin's: Crazyassin/Daggerdick, Hox: Scorchnburn, Demo: Touchofdeath, Tos: Enslaveu, BS: Meballs

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    Best advice you can give new players is: make some friends and join a nice guild. If they get more invested in the game, point them in the direction of the (class)forums. All the info they will ever need is right here.

    And also remember: T1/T2 and maybe even T3 raids are there for people to learn and gear up new toons. Most of T1/T2 has been 6manned at some point so a handful of decent players can carry a whole raid to provide for a friendly fool-proof environment to learn and develop. (Which is way more fun then getting the information handed to you by the 'best of the best' as you call anyone close to- or better then yourself.)

    T3.5/T4 are set up raids so you decide yourself who you take. If someone is a baddie and a failure in your eyes (constructive criticism much?) it's up to you to not take them until they are ready.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Caudilloo View Post
    Best advice you can give new players is: make some friends and join a nice guild. If they get more invested in the game, point them in the direction of the (class)forums. All the info they will ever need is right here.
    This is the right suggestion.
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    Cleaned up a lot of off topic posts.

    Hamsters and rangers and everyone, REJOICE!

    Note: The views expressed in this post are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of Funcom or its management.

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    wtf tanks bigger dps then dps classes? and by quit a margin? o.O

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    Quote Originally Posted by Drest View Post
    Cleaned up a lot of off topic posts.

    Wow, you left it open.

    I am available to help also anytime with any class if anyone needs help in game.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Korando-AoC View Post
    This is the right suggestion.
    No actually, it isn't. If you read the rest of his post, he counter's his own arguments AGAINST what OP is trying to achieve.

    'Fail players' will drag down everyone else (compounding exponentially with more bad players) at almost every level of game play. They've hit 80, and quite possibly taken months to do so and learned nothing from relevant from their levelling experience. Raiding and 6manning are all new beasts with all new skills and gear and goals. And definately requires an upgrade in skillset.

    Some examples of fresh meats are the Guards who actually learned how to use Tempest are still trying to tank in that feat tree; the fresh DT's trying to do frenzy tank DPS as M/O/Tanks; Caster's nuking in 6mans, Conqs, Barbs and Necro's opening with fears and KB's after tanks have balled them up, which means the rest of the group, especially melee, cant do their share of the DPS which in turn slows the overall team's maximal DPS output down....6 players means at least 3/4 stuns/roots/snares. Any more and you're to slow! Sure, mega tanks or guys with experience dont care, but budding tanks (especially DT's and their wee willy winkies without VoM) trying to make their way surely dont need the extra stress running down mobs on clowns who pulled.

    He's trying to help these people learn how to maximise each aspect of their gameplay, and the path travelled to get their (Solja's just have to have huge balls for this game is all I can say. You're gonna need 3 sets compared to more other classes needing 1-2 sets). You're not a boy-wonder over night. And even with all the advice pro-gun snooguns can provide, you still have to PRACTICE that adivce.

    And that works in RL, too, kiddies

    Sorry if I rantsies too much again, but he's (OP) absolutely correct. And it's nothing against the new players. I'm thankful we have them! But they're quite likely pressured in to having to preform up to standards even us vets were never expected to maintain and it's good for us oldies to relax and enjoy the game again with our fresh scrubs toons and maybe put in two cents worth of helpful advice!

    Now get off my lawn!

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    Like i wrote in an answer i posted earlier but got deleated, you have to let people progress at their own rythm. If they want to get better, they will by asking or reading what is already there on forums. Shoving knowledge down players throat, labeling them 'fail players' isn't a really consensual way to help people.

    It's rather common for good players to help newbies that ask for help in guild chat, global or on these boards. And that's enough to perform decently. Newbies that want to progress will.

    'Bad' players are either like that because they don't want to progress and put in the time needed for that. Or because they have dexterity issues combined with bad keybinds and die hard habits. And there's not much you can do about it.

    So i completely agree with Caudilloo. And struggle to really understand the use of such an initiative. If the goal is to fix the blatant lack of knowledge described by stiiixy's examples, then you don't really need to talk to "the best of the bests" to fix those in a couple of minuts. If you want to drag up average player to your standards... well those that want to be among "the best of the bests" have probably already looked for helped directly ingame or on forums.
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