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Thread: KoA is looking for T3.5 Alliance

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    Default KoA is looking for T3.5 Alliance

    Knights of Avalon is looking for an alliance with another end-game casual guild to raid T3.5 together.

    Our main focus is towards T4 at the moment, but some of us want to try something different too. Unfortunatelly, not all of our active raiders are interested.

    To contact me or my officers for details pls add our guildbot Afall to your friends list and send /tell afall !guildinfo to find any officer online.

    Looking forward to hear from you

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    we have same probelm in AmbrosiA :-/

    maybe have a talk with radeghast/radaset
    - Andirage - DT - The Rage Queen
    - Andilol - Conq - The Vicious
    - Andirath - Guard - The Pink Fluffy Tank
    - Andishock - Tos - The Black Light
    - Anditroll - Bs - The Bear of Troll
    - Cyborian - Pom - The Mitra Prostitute
    - Evilgijoe - Sin - The Menace
    - AndiWrath - Barb - The Bloodshred
    - Eviljoey - Ranger - The Eagle
    - Eviljoe - Necro - The Norweigan Aggro Monkey
    - Hoxieboy - Hox - The Burning Ballerina
    - Salvia - Demo - The Noob

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    Thanks, we will contact you and see if we can do this together
    ::: HoX :::

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    Obviously you are talking EU time, as only 1 US guild can complete 3.5.
    Grandmaster Tos
    Rogue Angels
    Time Trial Vids

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    Yes, EU prime time.

    Tnx for the replies guys

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