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Thread: Special Premium membership offers (2014)

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    Thumbs down Special Premium membership offers (2014)

    Ok, I dont know if there is a thread about this or not, so i apologize in advance.

    This is a really great idea, but there are 3 major drawbacks. You get a really nice ring when you resub. but.....

    1. *Can only be claimed by one character on your account

    WHAT?? are you kidding me?

    2. no magic damage ring....

    3. no healer ring....

    I really think this is kind of a joke, the ring is pretty useless to 50% of the characters out there. sure, they can wear it, but they will be giving up something to get something. I would have been nice to see something added to this package like back in the day when there were cool things you had to have. Why not a new mount? add a serial number for the godslayer expansion or Turan? Make the rings account wide instead of 1 character.. I feel this is a missed opportunity here.

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    Don't really want to be that guy, but it's already discussed in like, 3 threads :

    You might want to check them out because Joel answered in one of them. (You can actually hit the devtracker button to find his answer easily)
    Fun fact : Not actually the same guy as the player named "Jaedelyia" in-game. Never though I would one day encounter a guy with the same nickname as this one.

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