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Thread: PvP Poll

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    Xfered to set shortly after 1.06 assassin garbage, but all I did was open world. Understand it's a different game now so I'm no one to complain about how it used to be. Would xfer over to a pvp only server in a heart beat but the reason I felt forced to get involved on above server was because I was sick and tired of standing around for 2 hours waiting for a mini or someone to zone into kesh. In other words the population ruined it for me but would xfer all my toons back in a second. Doing lots of t3 just because I never went past t2 before, I hear there are no raiding guilds on fury and that bums me out, what am I going to so when the server is dead for 5 hours straight? (Referring to tyranny)

    Anything pvp is welcome in my book and I agree nothing pvp except for mini games have any place on crom, so keep up the good work and eke brainstorming. I just feel if I feel this way about the status of pvp maybe others do, fury community isn't keeping me away it's just no reassurance that if I xfer back will I be twiddling my thumbs again?
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    Default /jest_on

    I have a fix for US primetime population.

    Just add + 68,400,000 ms latency. To get to the next EU primetime ofcourse!


    It's 19 hr time zone from middle of US to EU ish. Apologies for inaccuracies it's just a joke

    Alternatively they could - 18,000,000 ms (-5 hr) from the EU servers and still have plenty of latency to go around
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    Awesom reply m8­čśë
    Kraamz dt pvp10
    Kramzor hox pvp10
    Quickdash guard pvp7
    Kramzz bs pvp5

    Pressostate conq pvp5

    AFK into the unknown =/

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