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Thread: PvP Poll

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    Post PvP Poll

    Just a quick poll:

    If players could actively keep their playing situation the same as in:

    1. T4 raiding schedules unaffected
    2. 6 man pugs running as they do now
    3. Minis popping as they do now, including Sag
    4. Pug raids running as they do now

    Would anyone transfer back to Fury if the pvp events were more numerous, world pvp gave better rewards, holding a BK actually gave a in game reward which whole guilds would actually want to maintain, and pvp progression was faster?

    In essence, if Fury had the same population and situation that Crom has now, would you move back for better gains from open world, sieges, minis, and events?

    Perhaps if Funcom offered pvp incentives for playing on Fury, over Crom, the population would return. Just sign here if you would or would not. Please don't make huge walls of text, just a simple explanation of why or why not and sign the name of the character your most known by.

    Perhaps if enough players sign up they might look into adding pvp incentives for moving to Fury. If enough players sign up, I'll post on TL.
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    I prefer open world to mini games only and enjoy playing with my friends, which open world is one of the few pvp avenues you can do so currently in a group you make.
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    i would move my sinfulpaws from crom to fury

    adding pvp events is what i would like to see in terms of fulfilling my entertainment needs

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    The problem is population, fury is dead during US primetime. Only mini game that pop are during EU times. There is not enough population on both servers to have pvp work during US play time. Dev is aware of this and is why all the testing is done on EU time for pvp.

    From interactions on TL during PvP events and Dev comments they could only add new and not fix old. If they completely got rid of Bori and Battlekeeps instead of adding on to broken content while removing guards there may be hope for Fury. But there just is not 50 US pvp players left, and you would think you would need many more than that to have a healthy pvp server that could support open world pvp.

    I moved toons back over to fury to play with brad and plaz, but kind of regret it because how terrible population is. Crom is not much better.

    Anything that will bring any type of pvp during primetime US would be greatly appreciated
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    I'd actually love to have more open world pvp features on crom, maybe like a pvp instance? that'd be cool.
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    OK, maybe I'm not clear about the OP. "If" Fury had the status quo of Crom currently, as in the Crom population, would you move back to Fury for pvp incentives exclusive to Fury?

    The whole idea is that people answer honestly yes or no and a short two sentence description of why or why not.

    If enough people sign, it shows an interest for world pvp, pvp events, and such. If enough people sign on the regular forums (and I mean a lot), then this idea can be presented on TL.

    Seeing as the conclusion could be anywhere from single server tech, to pvp specific incentives on Fury, to clickable pvp tags on Crom, the whole point is to judge the current population's opinion about pvpp outside minis.
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    This doesn't sound like a poll, but a petition and it's under the Server forum vs being on the PVP forum. Intent is good, but I doubt you'll get the results your looking for from the player base and even more doubtful to get results from Funcom.

    Anyway, YES for open world PVP cuz its da bomb dawg...
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    hmmm i can tell you this that this is good point from fc to revive any pvp especially open world in this long forgotten ace pvp fun game but we will see how it all will turn out

    ofc if i would have same pop on fury like it is on crom i would be more happy, more opportunities and bigger playerbase makes all the fun

    im devasted actually that most of my guild and many other ppl moved to crom to do mostly pve not beigned disturbed - i stayed and im in completly dead place atm tho heard there is many other of things to be at and i will have to move on too - other guild etc im staying fury!

    ofc there is always transfer option and dont mess anything with free ones (to give em to ppl sooner or ...) cos it was their choice and those who enjoy pvp rather that having issues with it should be rewarded best - itss mmo basicly and teaming up in 3y/o kindergarten enviroment to kill ai script is making me horny - no sry i puke actually for all this brainless grind and pvp suits me best - living opponent - gishhhh

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    my ^^ above post was actually about that i enjoy open world pvp not just minis cos its not true spirit of this game tho i like it or maybe im that much into grind that i lost meaning of it for me but still i dont see way to go with open world for crom - its strictle pve closeminded server and let it be like that btw think you pve wannabes at first if you really want to change anything with your server - so imo fury is all the way to go for ppl like me and many others - hmmm some advertising would be nice - fan ones are not bad but i meant something serious, so if you pvers like the ways it is for you speak up ok?!?!? imo rage rulez but got it flaws too

    imo pve and pvp seperatly and fury with all the open world pvp - im already in here but was with 2 or smth toons there and had pve pve pve! there is experience but imo beign who i am i couldnt not come back in the end to fury/rage

    so yes for pvp !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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