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    is it detailed anywhere how guild rankings work? You have tier 1,2 and 3 cities (so far as I can tell) right? and 20 guild levels based o Renown? Is that correct? Do the city tiers affect renown?

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    Well, not really. Of course, building buildings (and walls) gives you some renown and with higher tier buildings you can craft stuff that gives you more renown, but that´s about it.

    and yes, max is T3 and R20
    aka Morte.. Morce.. Morte.. Morce again.. bah, whatever..

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    Also, renown is broken at this moment, so it doesn't increase anymore

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    ouch... renownis bbroken... hmmm...

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    Its been bugged out since the server merge last year.. I guess noone told Funcom about it yet ;-D cough cough!!

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    Well... fer cryin' out loud. stop WHISPERING :P :P :P

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