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Thread: Double tap bug

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    Default Double tap bug

    I have recently trained blessed soul on my POM so i can move during soul of mitra. When i then use soul of mitra and double tap forwards 4-5-6 times i get ported back to where i started wich is very annoying but also make ppl call u cheater and haxor. Is this a known bug?

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    yes with 1-2 points in it,always happens.I think it go away if you put 3-4 points in it.

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    Default double tap bug

    ah ok tnx. I have 2 points in it

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    It has nothing to do with POM, if I double tap forward more than 3 times it puts me back to the beginning, IE: where I started the first double tap....

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    Well it has nothing to do with pom but does have to do with dub tapping while heavily snared. BS runs into this issue too with rune of grounding active.
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    Default double tap bug

    on my pom it doesnt happen when im not using blessing/soul. nor any other char i have that im aware of

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    It's a snare bug, not a pom bug. Happens to me when I flagbot and have other snares applied.
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    ah i get it. The blessing induces the heavy snare. Explains why more more points may fix it as the heavy snare weakens perhaps

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    Yeah happens with heavy snares in general.
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    Perhaps a dev could comment: Im pretty sure this was introduced as a fix for heavily snared characters (the arch-example motivating the fix was soldiers with flag with another snare running) double tapping to mitigate the effect of snares.

    I have seen this teleport effect on different classes including guards and my own PoMs
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