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Thread: 4man T'ian'an run[Video]

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    Default 4man T'ian'an run[Video]

    This is some footage from last nights fun.

    Guardian, Dark templar, Priest of Mitra and a Bearshaman. Completing the time trial of T'ian'an District.
    Moriala - The Ivory Tower

    [Youtube Channel]

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    Wai you take a guardian man!? Wai?

    You could have 3manned it if you didn't gimp yourself that way! QQ!

    But seriously, very nice run. Most fun I've had in AoC in a while.

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    Another ringofset trollacc, baaaan
    Moriala - The Ivory Tower

    [Youtube Channel]

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    very impressive
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    Nice, best I've done is 5 man it (with a guard as well)

    Without t4 gear, though.

    Got the parses?
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    Lurvi have, can ask him to make screenie.

    but i recall it to be something like

    Lurvi 1780~
    Yoelrey 1600~
    Aecho 1300~
    Me 630~
    Moriala - The Ivory Tower

    [Youtube Channel]

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    I have one from guildstats but think Lurvi better shows the one from ACT since it's more acurate and he's Nr.1 on that one

    This group is missing a few bits and pieces but allmost all are full T4.

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    Was really allot of fun...esp with this setup which most ppl would be reluctant to use!^^

    Gief more time trials! XD

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    Always fun to smash things in this manner
    We gotta do it againn


    1599 bs
    1584 dt
    1224 pom
    503 useless class


    1777 bs
    1609 dt (forge duty)
    1093 pom
    643 useless class

    I guess these are the most relevant ones. Dt beat bs at assassin and at drunk boss, but they were split so cba post.

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    Lurvi, I'd be more than happy if you gave me some advice to DPS as a BS

    Any spec and/or rotation ?

    Edit: btw, well done! Tian an 4man'd is quite a challenge

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