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Thread: Silirrion now working for Blizzard on WoW.......(Sigh)

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    Default Silirrion now working for Blizzard on WoW.......(Sigh)

    It may sound like a joke, but it's not Craig is now working at Blizzard on World of Warcraft.......................................... ..............

    What's there to say?

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    Poor guy. He really doesn't deserve that

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    Im not quite sure who to feel sorry for....

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    I still tought it was a joke after going through the post of OP. I had to check.
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    I say GOOD FOR HIM; Blizzards where it's at ~

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    Whatever you think about AoC under his guardianship it;s good someone is working again. Tough being out of work, good luck to him.
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    Blizzard is more job security than Funcom, just saying.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JoelForPrez View Post
    What's there to say?
    Quote Originally Posted by Gwartisan View Post
    That you're a wanker maybe?
    And a stupid.

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    He was working for Blizzard and WOW when he was working for Funcom imo.

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    He's probably getting mad money right now.

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