Wednesday, February 12th – starting at 15:00 GMT / 10am EST / 7am PST on the Testlive server.
Join us on the Testlive server for some special PvP testing! We're inviting YOU to help test new PvP Tier 3 gear against Raid Tier 4 gear within PvP environments. This also gives us an opportunity to test out some early prototypes of potential outdoor PvP activities. Events will include:

Smuggler's Run
Challenge for being the first to deliver 5 packages from point A to point B without using any mounts, local travel options, or dying. The person who defeats the most players that are delivering packages will be rewarded too!

Fields of Slaughter
A flag will become active and the owner of this flag at the end of X minutes will be declared the winner. Players can group in teams of six to participate. Rewards are included!

Both of these events will take place throughout the day in the Khopsheff Province adventure zone. There will be other PvP matches throughout the day in which players may earn rewards as well. These rewards will be claimable on the Live server, so this is a great chance to get involved with testing new content while earning prizes!

One prize in particular will be an item which will spawn one of a menagerie of unique pets! Here's just three of those you might summon forth:

(you can find the Testlive forums along with instructions on how to join the Testlive server here)