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Thread: Fearless Souls Clipping and Texture issue.

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    Default Fearless Souls Clipping and Texture issue.

    Clipping and texture issues with "Chestplate of Fearless Souls"

    Just got this recently and I was incredibly excited, until I noticed the little problems with it. One - the neckguard comes up too high to pair with the last legion heavy helmet (for that dark legion soldier look) and if you pan the camera properly you can see that the strange metal disc in the middle is floating away from the chestpiece itself and also has no texture on the back, so it just looks invisible at the right angle.

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    Yes Fearless has clipping issues for everyone (it looks so bad anyway, not a problem hiding it unless you pvp with it), nothing we can do and although FC fixed the shields nicely there's still a lot of work to do with other items. Unlikely to get fixed anytime soon (if ever)
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