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Thread: Funcom office raided?

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    Following events on January 29th, we can confirm that operation and development of all Funcom games will continue as normal. Thank you for your patience, folks!
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    Great! And thanks for the Update.

    Not so serious:
    To be honest, I was worried there for a moment. One of the computers they took looked a lot like the one they're storing the Necromancer revamp on, I imagine. But now we know it'll arrive as scheduled.

    Oh, all the jokes that will be played on that event. Morbid humor is the best!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Invino View Post
    I guess even coppers really want the PvP back pre-Bori times.


    Until sieges work in-game they're going to siege Funcom's offices.

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    Thanks for the reply, sezmra. Much appreciated. Good luck to Funcom avoiding cop griefers.

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    the question i have is was it a full 24 raid, in guild or did they have to pug to fill the slots before they went in there...hmmmmmmm
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    They exploited the loot though... Records show that the boss wasn't even killed.... /petition.

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