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Thread: Funcom office raided?

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    Default Funcom office raided?

    Anything, cop wise, going on at FC's Norwegian HQ?

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    Økokrim(white collar division of the police) has closed down Funcoms Offices in Oslo and send all employees home.

    Neither Funcom nor Økokrim has made a statement yet, so all we know is what we can see from the outside.

    All buy/sell of funcom stock at Oslo stock exchange has stopped until they get more info.

    Some people speculate that it is because of some high ups in Funcom were selling large amounts before the release of TSW, a case that has been under investigation since 2012. The actions today may be because they found something in those investigations(but that is just speculations).

    Update: Økokrim and Funcom have both confirmed the above information now, and the trade of stock has resumed. Funcom is now accused of insider trading in connection with the release of TSW.
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    Default Funcom in trouble again ?

    for those that don't know norweigan i suggest u copy paste and translate it

    so my question to funcom is...

    how will this effect age of conan?

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    Sounds about right. They start putting out content again then all get arrested for some ****. Hopefully it was just the ex CEO or something.

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    I am Stian ingame...

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    The translation might not be perfect. You mind doing a short summary?

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    Merge two Threads, please use only one thread about the Topic.
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    Interesting. There were some rumours in 2012 about an investigation into insider trading by Mr Aas (FC's former CEO). This new press release sounds like the company itself is now being targeted - probably the authority is looking into violations of the ad hoc publicity or market manipulation rules? In any case, I suppose the last thing FC need right now is a fine by a securities authority...
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    Speaking generally, I'm of the opinion where executives and directors break rules and laws for personal gain, they alone should be the subject of prosecution, not the company itself unless the company benefited from said rule breaches.

    I dislike the current situation, certainly here in the UK, where the guilty execs move on somewhere else and it's the company that gets hit for any indiscretions.
    The result is it's ultimately the customers of that company that end up paying for it.

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