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Thread: I need a guild

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    Default I need a guild

    I'm looking to join a guild. Here are some things I am looking for

    1. None of the gratz crap. Going from level 23 to level 24 is not an accomplishment. Nothing more annoying than a guild chat window full of "gratz"

    2. Lots of 6 man dungeoning.

    3. don't let just anyone in. Do some screening, don want to be in a guild that brings in 50 players a day. The guild chat window ends up being as bad as global. Nobody knows each other.

    4. Doesn't have level 80's take level 40's through dungeons. Nothing more annoying than a level 8- saying hey I'll take you through a dungeon. Yeah I get it you are high powered whoop-dee-doo-hah. I don't really want to watch you beat everyone in a dungeon. I want to participate in 6 man cooperative play.

    So who has a guild that meets my needs?
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    I think the best place to look would be in the Guild Hall.

    You'll also be able to see which guilds are relevant to your server.

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