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Thread: pvp vids

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tyyr View Post
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    Btw. The video is still on youtube, so for those who are interested in the "super skilled player" subject going on lately, just search for AoC Arena PvP (filter newest upload).
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    Siege where my raid and I defend BLR's keep against BW:

    It's probably boring for many of you because I play conq and I'm not that good, but I like siege videos.

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    Like all heros went from carnage to brute

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    One of the casual mixed premades we did tonight. Barb pov
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    always nice to see the ****ed up perspective of op barb, tyyr is the cleanupbusiness right here

    atleast no 3k + 3k decap+atg

    well played and looking forward for more

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    Bad idea to go in a premade without at least 1 ranged DPS.

    Nice vid
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    yeah we had ranged in 2-3 of the matches before, due to reasons we changed it.

    initially we invested sin/barb to get the necro, but also our guard ended up aggressive, so the centre fight around our hox/bs/pom was very weak, and hox was bullied constantly. and not much CC focus on tyyr either making it hard.

    still not too much of a stomp, but tactics aside, I think they outskilled us. blame vioo for playing too much path of exiles!
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    Always blame Vioo

    But one thing he did wrong and that was constantly running back with low hp just for Tyyr to finish him off anyway.

    Be much better if he fought to death and came back fast with full hp.

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    Did anyone record the BLR vs RiK siege? I couldn't myself because I was lagging a lot, but I'd love to watch it.

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