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Thread: pvp vids

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    I know some people that got some alright results with windows movie maker, but I would download Sony Vegas, altho its not free

    A tip is to youtube the song before u put it in the video, if theres alot of videos of that song, and its not oficially the bands channel or something, then its usually alright, if u cant find any videos except the original creators, then dont take it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Guest View Post
    Lol nice kb, I miss PoMs instant kbs in Lost temple... just too much fun.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lurvi View Post

    that mammoth tactic... is that a thing???
    I don't think so. Sieging was new for the attacking guild and they couldn' t get the trebuchefs up easily. Siege mount dps is tooo slow and has no added value in my opinion. Better to help defend the siege weapns or put down siege weapons on more positions.

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    that's what I recalled too, but I don't keep track of new mounts added to the game, thought maybe they upped the dps of some legendary mounts. thanks for the clearification. that pom hitting the walls, just too funny!

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    Wow how those heroes just all hit the wall with their null dps mounts instead of fighting
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    To their credit, they managed to win next 2 sieges ^^ So not that bad as u think :P
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    Quote Originally Posted by leopardo88 View Post
    Nice Leopardo!
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