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Thread: pvp vids

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    Is Corska on forums?

    Not much time to play these days... Maybe I'll be on today for couple of hours though!

    Which resolution do you play with btw?

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    Don't think Corska is on the forums no, well he probably reads them but I don't remember seeing him write something.

    I play in 2560x1440.
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    With boosted icon size? Still looks tidy and nice with that res.

    Only thing missing is a real map, minimized style like BelaUI

    With 1920x1080 kinda troublesome to make room for it all. Well, I have my solution for it, but I see bigger res is the way to go.

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    Yes I made the icons a lot bigger (text size in the chat boxes is also maxed), I don't have good eyesight so I had to do that even in 1080p (though that depends on the screen size too... I had 1080p in 22" now it's 1440p on 27"). I actually borrowed some files from BelaUI and tweaked them to my liking I can't get used to having a map constantly though, I like having as few things as possible on my screen really.
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    Yet you keep the lousy minimap it's good for changing zones I guess. I removed it and put minimized style map from BelaUI bottom left corner like dota ^_^

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    Haha I kinda forgot about the BelaUI clean minimap. Know what, I'll install it tonight I'm sort of used to just tapping M when I need the big map but a cleaner minimap can't hurt.
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    Don't think it's possible to drag it all the way to the top, if you wanted it top right.

    You can get it close though.
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    I approve your demo in the pantheon of flame !
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    Some Bori pvp from last night (or rather very early this morning)
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    And a premade from last night on Fury, BS point of view ( ) :
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