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Thread: pvp vids

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    Ominous vs Law Premade / Guard pov

    Music because my sound recording didn't work properly.

    1440p is still processing as I write those lines.

    Otaraphim never used frenzy FYI (he never does in pvp in general) just neutral stance and def stance when he takes a beating.
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    Sweet songs you chose!

    list 'em pls, I only know the name of that Blue Foundation song

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    Blue Foundation - Eyes on Fire
    Ghost Society - Under the sun
    Koop - Absolute Space
    Daft Punk - Motherboard
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    Another premade vid :

    Nothing too serious but it was fun (the game itself and TS which I recorded properly this time around).
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    Nice videos and nice music Louis!^^

    And Lurvi's dying to see bears done justice, so he's asking you to post a mini with your bear's pov! Gogogo! XD

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    Yea, I need to make some BS videos too, just didn't get the chance to record too many from BS pov so far
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    Uploaded a lil demo vid :
    Nothing too fancy, just a funny pug (with music).

    I wanna upload a premade vid from BS pov tonight (forgot to start it before I went to bed, boo). I didn't play great in it but it was a fairly balanced game at least.
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    Ohhh premades, when do they normally take place? I would really love to play in more competitive minigames again. Always when I log in to play some pug games there are so many strange players around that it is hard to bear. Anyway, looking forward to watch more premade vids!
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    Gjalskia (DT) / Beacor (BS, Saga)

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    Premade vid, BS point of view, is up :

    @Bendow those Ominous premades tend to happen pretty late EU time (past midnight, that vid was taken at 1:46 CET for example) because we have so many US players. I'm hoping we can do a bit more premades at more reasonable hours with NW (and maybe sometimes Law?) in the future though, but often we or they lack people :\ You're on my friendlist though (you could also join the guild ) but I haven't seen you online a lot lately so maybe you should add me on Steam or something so I can message you when premades are happening or could happen.
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    Why am I never online when we do these?!

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