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Thread: Using mouse bindings for things other than autorun possible?

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    Default Using mouse bindings for things other than autorun possible?

    So, for a while I've been frustrated about my mouse button 4 and 5 toggling autorun, and there apparently being no way to unbind this. I've been wanting to use one of them for toggling mic on and off.

    I've searched this forum but didn't find any solutions, and google mostly returns complaints from 2008-2010. Is is currently possible to unbind mouse buttons from autorun in AOC?

    If not, have anyone managed to find a solution by using "mouse profile"-type applications? Like maybe disabling certain mouse buttons in certain applications (i.e. AoC), but making them work in others (i.e. TS3, Vent, mumble)?

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    You can remap the mouse buttons out of game to some other key. I have a Logitech mouse so I just use SetPoint to remap my mouse keys. Once you remap all the extra mouse buttons to some kind of key/combination (Ctrl + ' or Ctrl + w for instance), you can set them in game to whatever you want (or nothing at all).

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    Thanks alot, that was exactly the thing I was thinking off!

    Managed to find an alternative (since I don't use logitech), "x mouse button control", to do the same thing.

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    would you be so kind as to share how you did it? i can bind mouse4 and 5 to another action but it still auto runs aswell. i cant seem to figure it out.

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    Uh, I simply downloaded "X-button mouse control", added ageofconandx10.exe to "Application/Window Profiles" (think I had to navigate to folder to find it). Then, for Age of Conan, I changed layer 1 mouse button 4 and mouse button 5 into "simulated keys (undefined)", and then I defined them into some key I would never use otherwise, [{CTRL}I] for instance. Seems to work for me.

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    yeah after a while i figured it out. i was trying the commands in wrong.

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    I use autohotkey for that.
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