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Thread: Last three bosses in The Main System

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    Question Last three bosses in The Main System

    I've tried googling how to take down those last three bosses for the quest "Ruined rites of Passage" but nothing comes up. My group tried to figure out the strat on it but we figured we're missing something.

    How do you take them down?

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    With great difficulty.

    Mage bosses are just *******s who can permanently lockdown one player but are otherwise no big deal for a group. But the big daddy is the hardest bosses you'll meet for a very long time. Melee range is certain death so tanking is impossible, only way to beat him is to kite around the pillars and shoot from afar.

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    Even 80s will die fast in melee with the big boss...and with kiting you have to be sure not to get hit by the slow debuff or dot.

    The first two are not that hard, if you can get rid of the adds, but the third boss has a nasty charm. But here you can use aggro and the pillars too to get out of LoS.

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    Watch the floor too. Been a while since I went but the mage boss casts a blue circle on the ground.

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    Kite them around pillars. DPS the adds as soon as possible, and CC the charmed person.

    The last boss should be kited and DPSed while he runs around. If he casts his poison, the target is dead.

    It is not hard if you have 2 tanks, 1 healer, 3 DPS at level 55.
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    They are level 60+ Bosses,lvl 55's will get raped.

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    Not any more, the last bosses have been level 57 or so for a long time now (they used to be 63 in the early days of the game). The loot has been adjusted as well -- for example, in bebot's item database you can find two versions of the Eidolon Chestguard, one full-plate level 64 (which used to drop there) and one heavy level 57 (which drops from Putharjath now).

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    - kill Teremsefi & Ka-Pusemet then Meru

    - Run away whenever you see the spells:
    "Frost Freeze" (Teremsefi)
    "Ghostly Rain" (Ka-Pusemet)
    "Frost Wave" (Meru)

    - Breaking Line of Sight on spells helps a lot, specially on the charm from Meru

    - last boss just hit and run until he dies but careful with "Putharjath Poison" because steals all stamina (dunno if effects mana also)
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