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Thread: How long does it take get Supreme Lich form?

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    Nice, I had somehow missed that info, thanks Anzu.
    Fun fact : Not actually the same guy as the player named "Jaedelyia" in-game. Never though I would one day encounter a guy with the same nickname as this one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FirepowahQQ View Post
    So you wanna look ugly? It is not even that good :P
    Yes Supreme Lich is more like Ugly Sauce. AA's just happen, I do not seek them. My oldest characters are about to run out of AA's to train. (Well who knew the top threads in Necro are 3 years old? Everything Necro is zombie, how fitting.)
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    If you don't like the look, you get a social ability to remove the morph and still keep the buff so you look like your normal necro. I don't mind the look all that much, but would have been happier to look more like Har Shebes - now there's a Supreme Lich.

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