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Thread: Make SHADOWDANCER your new home!!

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    Default Make SHADOWDANCER your new home!!

    We are one of the oldest, most respected guilds on Crom. Established in 2008 and still going strong! We do not care how low of a level you are. You have to start somewhere and we believe that we are the perfect guild to accomplish this. For the higher levels we keep a full raid schedule. Currently we are raiding T1-T4. Raids generally start at 8:30est. Guildies run 6mans. You are NEVER required to raid. Our guild uses Ventrilo to communicate. We DO help our lower level members. They are not forgotten!

    We are an active, mature, English speaking guild. Our members are some of the most enjoyable, helpful people you will ever meet. Our beautiful, full T3 city (renown level 20) is located in the resource rich Lacheish Plains. It contains all the amenities (including quests for pets) that you will need to further your journeys into the worlds of Conan. If you would like to be a part of our wonderful community please contact an officer in game for a brief interview. We do not send blind invites! If you prefer, check out our fun and informative website at:

    We hope that you decide to make SHADOWDANCER your home!!
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