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    You said this game is rock, paper, scissors. Well for those of you that ever saw Big Bang Theory, this game is rock, paper, scissors, spock. Conq is spock

    Conq is class that has many noob friendly abilities in both builds, some no skill yet good AA for both builds and basically has no nemesis. Please enlighten me what class is one that conq has to run when he sees it? Many has to run from conq btw.

    Lets just name some noob abilities of brute: 2 bubbles, retaliation dmg, aoe knock, aoe combos with no cd on it, nice snare, superb debuf, nice dmg on batter aside if spec (crits often for over 2k in frenzy which is great for cc), great dmg overall in all stances and awesome crits on white hits. All this with heavy armor.

    In open world 1v1 conq is at top of the food chain. In mini games with heals on conq is unstopable beast.
    Carnage also has its share of OP stuff but brute is the ONE atm.
    any class can be. I see conqs all the time not topping.

    Last mini I played today. I have 10 ss and conq didnt top kills once. Not that OP IMO.

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    And closed. Spam topic from the off.
    Does the walker choose the path, or the path the walker?

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