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Thread: Server merge problem

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    Speaking from a slightly technical viewpoint, I wonder what would happen if Funcom tried this:

    During a downtime, they go into the database that keeps track of all renown for the weekly charts and just 0 everything out. This would be 0 renown gained of any type for all guilds/players. They would also 0 out the previous weeks data to insure there are no old numbers creeping in. A person looking at the rankings when the servers pop back up would see basically an empty list. You would think if they did this, and there wasn't a really big problem elsewhere in the code, then rankings would start to update regularly again.

    Makes me sort of wonder what the problem really is. With it happening when the servers were merged, you would think it was caused by something that changed during the merge. So, thinking on what must have changed, I come up with Guild Chat ID's (Not sure if these are the same as the guild ID) and Player ID's. (and other ID's like a server ID maybe)

    Guild Chat ID's didn't seem to change all that drastically, nor did player ID's.

    Guild Chat IDs:
    12884922556 - old (I think)
    12885333191 - new

    17270730 - old
    61305864 - new

    I wonder if the ID's being used by the renown system didn't get updated properly in the database, which caused things to get out of wack and stop working...

    I just have to imagine the logic code behind the Renown system shouldn't have broken by itself with the server merge, so it would have to be a data issue. Corrupt data causing the system to fail to function properly. If you have bad data, clearing it all out and starting over would usually work.

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    I'd bet your right about the ID's, as I believe it was a weekly script that performed the reset. I'd say server IDs changed as well. Pretty sure it would only take a few minutes to fix as well.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Scaevacas View Post
    I'd bet your right about the ID's, as I believe it was a weekly script that performed the reset. I'd say server IDs changed as well. Pretty sure it would only take a few minutes to fix as well.
    Sad thing is, that i was obviously not the only one suspecting this. And it was reported LAST YEAR. So either it has not just to do with resetting or changed ID's and the code is really really complicated...or it is not just a technical issue here
    Shouldn't be so hard to find the cause, since you can nail it down to the merge and maybe one patch included there (at least from someone looking at the problem from outside and as a "black box" one). Of course only funcom knows what they did at that time and what ninjas they did afterwards.

    One or two suggested hints might truly lead to a more or less complicated solution, they can not (or do not want) to do at this time for whatever reason. It is still a really bad sign they do almost NOTHING about it...not much communication (except a few gms, who probably are as frustrated because they can do nothing themselves or are not allowed to) and no workaround or quick fix (like giving renown manually, maxing it out for all or disable the cap for all).

    This whole issue already has resulted in a broken market, less resources available and ridicolous prices. And then when you could build something big, you think twice, not wanting to loose the millions of renown you could generate and the ridicolously expensive and high amount of resources you would kind of waste (and small or medium guilds actually make most renown from building, crafting and raiding).
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