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Thread: Pvp event

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    Default Pvp event

    I would like to get more onto these pvp Events but i don't know when the next one is, or current one or location.
    Can someone point in right direction thanks

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    Should start around 20th August in Cimmerian End.
    Cripples gonna cripple

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    So should be today in CE?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fuzzyy View Post
    It's active now, in Kesh

    Pay attention where you post. This is crom board not fury/rage.

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    Its active in cimmerian end

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    well i found the event. No idea whats going on, just getting ganked by tons of other players. no idea what im meant to be doing or where, asked in global and the usual torrent of abuse because i showed interest in anything other than pve.
    Guess its back to the mini games for me.

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    I've tried to keep an up to date guide on the festival here : with an overview of the specific events which can run in the location.

    The Wolf Pict (quest givers) are also permanently available in Khemi at Wolf Pict's Landing so you can pick up the quests in a PvP free zone. There is also a scholar at the top of the stairs nearby who can provide information on the events too.
    When you zone into a location you should also get an onscreen message which will tell you in any event is ongoing. You can cross reference the location against your way points on the mini-map.
    When an event starts/is about to start you'll also get onscreen messages telling you where and what event type it is.

    For most of the events its advisable to try and join a team.

    There are of course improvements that could be made to the communication but a big part of that comes down to resources mostly on the gui side.

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    Thank you for the reply CirithGorgor. Yes it started to become clear. our group, of 3, went to different locations although we were hit with a zerg of 24 each time ended up being lame ress farming so meh, not so fun
    Thanks though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fass View Post

    Pay attention where you post. This is crom board not fury/rage.
    LOL sorry. I was half right, it's active.

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