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Thread: LvL 11-19 Blues

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    On the PVE server, i think this isn't so bad change. That will help beginners to get gear more easily (lvl 11-19 range is priced 60s or more, but level 20-29 range most blues are almost given away or at mere dozen of coppers).
    I still have a lvl 25 toon that i used to sometimes run epic mode, that change doesnt prevent me to continue doing so. It will still be as fun. Of course, i will lose a few silvers benefits from blue sales that i could make previously but i will be more than happy with that situation where beginners can have decent gear at decent price.
    It was by far more frustrating to post items at trader for few silvers to see everytime that it was instantly purchased in bulk by other players who reposted them 10 times the price...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Debeddo View Post
    Ah!! Are the drops random; or, do they drop from specific mobs? If the drops are specific, is there any info on which item each boss drops?
    From my experience:
    The items drop more or less from bosses in the level range, in epic mode. Grossly bosses level 13-14-15 will drop those armors and weapons of level 11-16 (cloth attire, daggers, xbow, arrows), bosses level 18 will drop weapons and armors from level 16-19 (2h edged, light armors). Some drops i have encountered only on specific bosses, such as level 16 shield on the Underhalls bosses, or the level 16-18 jewelry from bosses in Pictish ruins (rare bat boss).

    I guess there is a tiny chance that they drop in normal mode (final boss of black demons for example).

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