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Thread: LvL 11-19 Blues

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    Question LvL 11-19 Blues

    Hey there! And, thanks in advance for taking time to answer my question,

    I've been playing on Fury and when looking for gear from the Trade Post I notice there are several "Blue" drops (lvl 11-19)for sale. As a matter of fact, there are Several of each ranging from 50S to 7G. Obviously, being a new player there is no way for me to have this kind of in game currency. I see LOTS of spam about ways to get that kind of currency(probably against the EULA). And, I don't want to put fuel on that fire. I wish Funcom could shut those types of things down.

    So my question is: Where do these blue items drop? I can't find anything about them on web. They are obviously farmable since I see the same names selling the same items on the Trade Post.

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    They drop in the epic versions of the dungeons/instances in Tortage. Lots of folks 20-25 like to go back there and farm Tort in epic mode.

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    Ah!! Are the drops random; or, do they drop from specific mobs? If the drops are specific, is there any info on which item each boss drops?

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    Since lvl 80s can now go in and farm epic white sands, keep checking the trader for cheaper rares. I saw a lvl 13 ring up on the trader for under a silver.

    A lot of people make alts for minis or whatever and are able to buy higher priced items for their new alts. The trader is an auction house so people will charge whatever they want and hope they sell something. Some sell low for new players, others go after the alt crowd. Sometimes people will post in NPH or global that they are giving out rares free.

    But now that lvl 80s can farm epics the amount on the trader should go up and the prices drop. Its supply and demand.

    I don't know offhand if any of the items are bind on pickups but if they are maybe you can ask lvl 80s in epic mode if you can have the BOP items they don't need.

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    I went today in epic white sands to check the drops cause I was a bit curious. I managed to farm more that 10 blues in half an hour, then I met another 2-3 80lvls farming, so I had to wait almost for every boss to respawn.

    I did not check prices at trader because I gave the blues for free at randoms around tortage trader instead of posting for sale, but I am sure that prices will drop very soon(if not already dropped).

    All blues was bind on equip...

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    Wow, they destroyed another reason to enjoy the game at low levels (either soloing the lvl12-18 bosses, finding a group for epic white sands/underhalls and selling the found blues for good starter money).

    Sad thing is, when you apply the "it was just a minority enjoying this" over and over again, you will get a very limited crowd of players.

    Things that were sold for gold, because they were rare and not easily farmable will now be worthless.

    Although i kind of hope for some nostalgy replay value once the bosses appear there. But since funcom made this decision...why only white sands? Why not open all restricted areas (by lvl cap or quest) at least for events and rp purposes?
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    They could always only let the lvl 25 and below into epic white sands too.

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    They drop from bosses in Epic mode, Debeddo. There is a chance each mob will have a blue box, but the gear in those seems differant than the boss drops.

    Has anyone experienced much in the way of 80's humping WS lowbies yet? I think it's a good idea (at the very least, a test period to gauge reulsts and reaction!) to let 80's float around WS, so they can protect the new guys coming through. Let them enjoy the content and know they have someone at their back lording it over potential Ranger/Necro ganks.

    Obviously you'll drop once or twice to valid PvP (your fault for not lookin over your shoulder), and an 80 interfering with genuine duelling should not be tolerated (newbies, watch for grouped lowbies running group buffs. An 80 mage's shield gives your for a bonus 2000HP that will regenerate faster than most new players can burn that down), but at the end of the day, new guys on their first toon trying to get their head around the game mechanics, of which there is LOTS and excellant PvP sills requiring months of constant KB/mouse practice, it gives the whole game a leg up with fresh meat. I do love a good steak.

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    Oh, and once you hit L16, you can actually hit your respective mainland hub. In Tortage, just head to the building opposite the ramp to Redrik's ship (forgot its name) as if you were heading to White Sands, and on the back wall of said building is a big note ready for clicking. It will provide a quest to talk with a smuggler inside the Adandoned Warehouse (which is a green dot on your map, top middle one) and will whisk you away. Should you wish to return to Tortage, there are Tortage Smugglers in each zone (the Gateway to Khitai one is named differantly I believe, but is exactly opposite the Asura path-setter in the gateway-town area).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Anubium View Post
    They could always only let the lvl 25 and below into epic white sands too.
    Yes, but as usual they have not thought through changes or neglected all consequences as "irrelevant".

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