• World Raid Bosses are starting to make appearances throughout Hyboria! These abhorrent menaces will provide both challenges and rewards to those brave enough to face them! Players can expect the first of these creatures to roam the wilds starting December 25th! The second menace will appear on January 1st! Keep a look out, adventurers!

  • White Sands Isle can now be accessed by characters of all levels.
  • Decreased the cooldown to 4 hours for the quest In Service of the Excavators.
  • The quest In service of the Excavators should now update if Sodabeh is killed in hard mode as well as in normal mode.

Iron Tower
  • The Cell Door Key in the Iron Tower should now correctly drop from at least 1 NPC in each instance of the playfield.

Caravan Raider's Hideout
  • Lowered the frequency of adds spawning in the Demigod of Acheron encounter.
  • Transferred the Demigod of Acheron's loot to the Demigod's cache chest which will appear in his spawn chamber when he is defeated.
  • Increased the damage element on the detonation effect when hitting the Demigod.
  • Hell Walker Saboteurs will no longer use their attacks against the Demigod of Acheron.
  • Attacking any leftover Hellwalker Shredder's after Sethik Bloodblade has been killed should no longer cause the encounters particle wall to be enabled again.

Scorpion Caves
  • Lowered the Scorpion Archer Prince's health by 12.5% in Unchained Mode.
  • Reduced Constantius the Falcon's health by around 5% in Unchained Mode.

Temple of Erlik
  • Bat of Nergal is keeping his melee attacks to encourage the proper use of the Blessing of Tammuz buff.
  • Extended Bat of Nergal's enrage timer by 90 seconds.
  • Extended the duration of the Blessing of Tammuz buff by 90 seconds.
  • Decreased Bat of Nergal's base attack damage by around 12%.
  • The targeting functionality for the Blessing of Tammuz should be more reliable now.
  • If the Blessing of Tammuz is removed by any means its effect will now linger for a few seconds.

Celestial Necropolis
  • Fixed an issue which, under rare circumstances, could cause the loot in the Celestial Necropolis to be inaccessible by players.