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Thread: 14 hours??

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    Default 14 hours??

    Random 14 hour downtime seems a bit..odd?

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    Most likely world bawses.

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    There's another update before that, so most likely gonna be that one first. Or they have to merge the two, which doesn't seem likely because they'll probably have to adjust some things to the world bosses before going live

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    They're doing some hardware maintenance, hence the duration.
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    Maybe its because they are opening up White Sands to lvl 80s?

    Not sure why that was important enough to add in the game.

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    Hi everyone, I'm going to try and rerun the World Boss preview event from yesterday if anyone is interested in popping on the Testlive PvP server.

    Tentative start time of 13:30 EST - 19:30 CET

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lleilwin View Post
    Hopefully a renown fix
    The RP hoping...
    We will be Serious after death.

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