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Thread: Tos vs Pom

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    Default Tos vs Pom

    So.. Both of them i lvled up on 70lvl ,tos seems funniest to play on pvp and pve ,but pom seems to be better in pvp ,his survivability is much higher than on tos (why?) And they both are light armor classes. Im interested mostly in pvp and t3+ raids. Which one is better on 80? Situation with tos is different on the highest lvl? Or maybe forgot about both of them and play on BS? But problem with BS is that he is doing low dmg.. or maybe im doing sth wrong.. but bs is really interesting.. Pls explain me 3 of them and their situation actually if you can.
    Thank you

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    A Pom has 2 bubbles and a damage reduction spell. They also have higher spell coefficients than ToS so don't need as much magic damage and can trade for survivability gear. They also have ltp which is gives their best dps spell and cc a chance to be instant, and automatically renews their fear. They also do not need to ever cast green heals, so that frees up time. Between an instant repulse, and an instat damage big heal, you can bust 2-4K+ in bunched up clumps with just 2 instant abilities. PoM also has the best group aoe snare in game...

    ToS has one bubble, (can have another one but only against lighting damage), one 3 second immunity, and one ret. damage bubble. You also have eye of the storm, but unless your fully feated in the AA movement and time reduction for it it's not that helpful. The ToS spells require a decent amount of higher tiered gear to be effective where a PoM does not. You also have a fangs anit-melee spec, but you lose your only bubble that way so it compounds the need for gear all that much more. Also, there's a myth that the ToS moves slower than all the other classes. People claim it but it's unproven.

    Shammy, I have been 2 shot by them. I requires a set up for, proper debuffing, getting rampage stacks, hitting rune of aggression, empowered renewal on the last hit, and maybe having the damage buff from the sun up, but feral growl has hit me for 3-5k damage before. Shammy is another toon where your only effective as your weapon, so if your running around with a blue-steel hammer or a t1 you probably won't get many kills.
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    TOS worships a snake, so that's something

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    I see you play on PvE server.
    The PvP is mean world PvP for me. I am role player and play on PvP server. The PvE server is dead world for a role player. I just tell for can understand my aspect.

    For we can examine the PvP abilities then we must define the different situations, as world pvp, mini game, bori, duel in Khesh, and fair real duel in an arena(example Khemi arena).

    So the Pom can be strong in duel in khemi arena but otherwise the worse class at any pvp.
    Someone told the two bubbles. They are so good in duel, but they have log cooldown. The Hand of Mitra effect at 15 sec, but have 5 mins cooldown. The Soul of Mitra available only on L80 give 30 sec defend but the cast time long, takes your all mana, reduce your movement (basicly at zero), don't let you use damage spell under the effect, and have 10 minutes cooldown. So they unable at defend you in mini, when you have two-three or more attack per minute.
    If i turned at mini then i continue with it. The most class play with raid weapons in mini, because the pvp weapons start on PvP5, and the raid weapons have better DPS than pvp weapons otherwise too. The pom is one exception in it. The Pom raid weapons are totaly useless in PvP. If the Pom have chance ninja tos talizman or any necro weapon then have chance in PvP otherwise not. Cant getting any successfully feeling because the rogues and mages will steal all kill with higher DPS. The pom have not chance make kill in mini by weak DPS. Have chance at die.
    Have chance at die, because can't run. The pom is slowest class on game, and lost all chance with sprint rewamp. This is one is point when the tos not better. But the tos had longer spell range in past too, and nowadays too. So back to pom, the pom have not chance escape and have not chance chase the runner people. The slow speed, low damage and the low range spells give that loser combination, when the enemy can't loss against a stronger pom neither, if that don't feel shame when run away. I this facts takes clear the pom totaly unable at world PvP.
    Someone told the pom have good CCs. Stun, fear, slow and the Repulse. The Repulse is realy good spell. One real strong spell of pom. But the more, the Repudiate(slow) is an area spell and as that unusable in most pvp situation. The enemy move out from targeted area with big chance. Real PvP situation dont let that risk a spell cast will be finished without any effect. The stun and fear cc have long cast time, short range, short effect time compare with weak damage, and long cooldown. You can say the demo stun have same cast time, and effect time, just that can make double damage of pom in same time... and that have faster cooldown too. The necro can reduce the cast time on stun and root. The tos have basicly faster cooldown.
    I did write the useless pom raid weapons (before T4), but the pom have the worse chance at weapon in Khitai too. You can't buy wisdom or magic damage ring in any fraction neither. You can't found only heal rating and hate decrease weapons in fraction. Have not Wisdom base DPS talizman. This handicap effect at Tos too.

    So then from Tos;
    The Tos can make similar strong and fast damage as the demo. Tos have more wide damage spell palette than pom. If anyone can learn how take them after each other then can make incredible damage with fast spells. The Tos have a feat the Jurisdiction of Set for can increase the range at 25 meters at the most recently spells. This give chance attack from far and give chance reach the runner rogues and tanks. I think this is a basic feat for mini and world PvP too. Don't need if you do only duels.
    The survivability of Tos come one side from brutal damage(spark storm and charged blast) and heal combo. If anyone come closer then getting damage by heal too if the tos improved the Triumphant life of Set. The Life of set spell heal the Tos, damage the enemy, erase the overcharge effect from Tos, and if the Tos have the Empowered Life of Set then empower the next damage spell.
    The survivability of Tos stand on a second pillar, thats the Serpent transmutation. This is an end feat, but i cant imagine world pvp tos without it. This give real survivability, when you getting a ganker attack and lost your half health point or more... may close to die, then you have chance heal up by the attacker damage and you have chance start the counterattack without any late by big heal. This is the real survivability, not the Hand of Mitra.

    Well, the Tos have stronger damage, longer range, better bubble, better CCs, more wide damage spell palette, faster damages spells and cooldowns.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Arta View Post
    The PvE server is dead world for a role player.
    Pffft..... [/rant]

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arta View Post
    So the Pom can be strong in duel in khemi arena but otherwise the worse class at any pvp.
    ... wat
    I don't make points I make dents.

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    -pom has innate bubble, tos bubble is an end feat.
    pom bubble cd can be reduced from 5mn to 3.30 if feated, tos is fixed 5mn.

    -pom doesnt need to cast green heal if taking any source of dmg, tos has to do it, 2 sec cast every 20 sec if healbotting + mana can be annoying in middle of fight (bs instant just need hit after pushing instant ability that triggers it).
    pom has innate perma +10% physical mitigation buff for a couple % of unholy protection debuff scaling to less than 5% and unnoticeable in the end but the main stat being wisdom already give protection against this very same damage source and t4 gear is full of it, tos doesnt have that and hardly reach ~30% armor mitigation while pom can reach ~40% making all the difference against rangers, guards and t4 weilding melees.

    -pom has innate 10% damage reduction buff group wide for 7 sec up to 12 sec and 20% with aa, tos has a featable 3 sec (yes 3!) 100% immunity to magic buff on himself most likely to protect against a single spell like detonation from sin but on twice the cd of pom and sin can do 5 deto in the same laps of time, tos also has a lightning bubble but that spell literally cut stormfield main aoe dmg spell from running until you can cast it again and in battle it's the most costy spell, over 1000 mana no other caster has this cost for any of their spells.
    pom has insta aoe knockback, aoe snare, fear (cd reset with a crit), stun, featable aoe stun while tos has aoe root, stun and featable aoe stun but at expense of bubble since it's also an end feat but in opposing tree.

    -pom has a 2nd bubble reducing so much damage we can say it's an invul on 10mn cd and stunned state but turning into 5mn and zero hinderment with aa and lasting 20 seconds while doing aoe damage and retributive dmg on all that attack him, tos version is a moderate damage buff (+120 magic dmg) with same cd as pom but lasting only 10 sec and with a 60% chance (more like 25%) of knock back on melee dmg ofc it triggers kb immunity and ppl with it wont be affected so it's at best 1 kb if it happens and ure good to whack on the tos again.

    -to finish, tos has a single target spell with short range giving 90% miss chance to target for less than 5 sec (4) but also applying a long immunity on target and most likely u wont be able to spec this and bubble at same time as it's far down the opposing tree.

    that should cover the main differences between pom and tos survivability tools without entering too much into details.

    nb:oh and the pom above is a free kill

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    I had to read that post 3 times to make sure I read it correctly...

    Pom the worst class to PvP on? You got to be trolling.

    If not, you have no concept of what current pvp is all about, PoM is simply THE best healer class and one of the best support/CC/dps classes available.

    So what some classes steal a few kills, well played PoMs can make or break teams by themselves. Repudiate is the best aoe snare in the game, if you can't get it off your not using it around corners effectively. In fact, it can make or break a push in LT quite easily on 3 locations.

    It does not sound like you have much experience with real pvp from your post...and duels are the worst case scenario to judge how classes should play since pvp is built around group combat, which the pom excels at.
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    Well said, Diabolo. I just want to add that after the last revamp, Tos is the weakest of 3 priest classes, in armor, mana use efficiency and heals (Eyes of Set vs Shimmering vs Sleuth of Bears). Pom dps is also better(4k+ crits vs 2000-3000 max with same gear). Bear dps is fully dependent on weapon, but still can be somewhat close or better.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Suctum View Post
    I had to read that post 3 times to make sure I read it correctly...

    Pom the worst class to PvP on? You got to be trolling.
    you play demo on PvE server... i play pom on PvP server. I believe you have different experience

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