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Thread: Attention Crom~

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chass- View Post
    I never played on a rp server, but even I have a story line! It includes time travel and me being the dad of everyone.
    You need to hit puberty to be able to father anyone

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    This thread makes me miss Cimmeria again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rathothis View Post
    Well individual latencies, bad netcode, etc do not influence character names where I am from.

    And the RP naming policy is nothing but a business proposition to people who care about such things. You obviously didn't care for it, but at some point there were people who paid Funcom to RP in an environment like that. They were relatively low maintenance players compared to PvEers and even PvPers, so from a business perspective the RP ruleset probably made sense at the time. Now they no longer pay subscription money, and while you may not miss them, FC probably does.
    No, they were pretty high maintenance. Always petitioning somebody's name. At the beginning the petitions really stacked up in the "he ganked me for no RP reason and didn't even stop and say thee and thou at me before attacking" queue as well.

    Then there were the content demands. The vanity tab. The clothes requests; endless clothes requests. A load of other ****.

    The issue was (and still is) that if you give those people what they want, they will always want more. It's better to outright ignore all content/fix requests based on RP as this is expected whereas meeting any request at all is asking for the floodgates to open and ragequits when everything isn't granted. Also, every RPer is playing a different game so you literally can't please them all.

    By contrast, revamping the DT class is pretty straightforward.

    The mistakes regarding RPers (and there were mistakes because a small bunch of loyal subs is always worth having) were -

    1. Game design. FFA-PvP or none was a stupid decision. RPers are notoriously factional and won't tend to join big guilds so faction=guild could never work. RP needed PvP factions and the ability to duel within faction.

    2. Server merges. Regardless of the shard costs, it's ALWAYS worth paying the extra to segregate RPers. They like it and in the long run, everyone else (except those looking for easy prey and to shít on somebody's day) will also benefit.

    3. Grind. But then, Silirrion tried to kill everything in the whole damn game with grind; RPers weren't singled out.

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    Sorry, but Rathotis is right.
    Hard to judge, if you are serious though.
    It is not a roleplayers fault that the naming policy was not enforced. Neglect it from the start and of course the pile will grow and grow and look like lots of work. Design a filter and a routing and you would have low work. Also, i seriously doubt the valid petitions about naming were more troublesome than those with ganking (bad open world system) issues (pvp), exploits (pvp and pve) and bugs (pvp, pve and to some extent rp). So what you state seems to me HIGHLY unlikely and onesided or ignorant.
    The players who troll and abuse the petition system could have been taken care of by good work and a control mechanism like other professionals in this kind of work use...the righteous complaints just require reading one word and triggering some automatism after deciding "yes" or "no". Compare this to a quest problem you have to log in the char or investigate logs or a pvp exploit investigation.

    The "give and they want more" applies to a certain player type in all aspects, while not at all to others. So invalid in this context. And want to sell a product, you have to offer something.

    And if you want to do revamps right, they are lots of work, because you have to know both the old and new system well and have to have a good analysis of the games problems.

    Adding content to the shop already in the game or offering "rp" access to instances is NOT a huge amount of work. Seen it, done it (not with dreamworld engine though). Basic programming skills or an editor should suffice there...low effort and money return. And with vanity...that is all player related, not just rpers. A badass pvp player wants to look like a badass pvp player when he/she kills too. If you want to please roleplayers you offer more customizeable things, access options and an atmospheric gameworld (they got this in most cases).

    About 1:
    Yes, that is true...though pvp factions alone would not suffice. You would also need a consequence system or offer sandbox offtopic zones (which they kind of tried with minis). But it applies more to gamer type, than to preferred content. Still you are probably right, that rpers tend to stick to lesser populated guilds or switch guilds a lot or even create own themed ones with no intend to even grow big or do much other content. Still they have money and are willing to pay for certain things, if the price is right.

    2: don't think it has anything to do with rp...just customer service and professionalism

    3: Completely agree. As with pvp, grind connected to rp does not work well (guild renown options for example...complete off content if you look at the target groups).
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    Quote Originally Posted by Aell View Post
    No, they were pretty high maintenance. Always petitioning somebody's name. At the beginning the petitions really stacked up in the "he ganked me for no RP reason and didn't even stop and say thee and thou at me before attacking" queue as well.
    Ganking is a different issue than naming complaints. In a FFA PvP environment, it isn't all that easy to determine when engaging in PvP crosses the line and becomes "illegal" ganking. By contrast, violations of the naming policy are very easy to identify.

    Also, it is highly probable that
    * there is a larger share of crybabies among RPers than in the population as a whole, but also that
    * roleplayers only account for a minor share of the total number of crybabies.

    So even if, on average, RPers are somewhat higher maintenance than other players, their impact on total maintenance cost is likely to be rather limited.

    Quote Originally Posted by Aell View Post
    Then there were the content demands. The vanity tab. The clothes requests; endless clothes requests. A load of other ****.
    True, but my point really was much more limited than that. I only wanted to point out that, had FC reallocated the time spent pursuing naming violations to pursuing cheaters and exploiters, the effect would have been minimal.

    The point you raise is whether, on aggregate, it makes sense for a company to sell a game to RPers. And on that point, I'd generally agree with what you say later:

    Quote Originally Posted by Aell View Post
    in the long run, everyone else ... will also benefit.
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    Name violations could be easy with a sensible, mature population. But jerks and idiots on both (all) sides make it not so simple.

    At one point, for a brief time, Funcom had a script running that automatically flagged names and forced them to change - without a human reviewing it and without an appeal process. During that process, quite a few perfectly fine names were forced to change.

    Also, there is a small but vocal group of RPers who get their panties in a twist with any perfectly good RP nickname as a name (this is an ancient/medieval low-fantasy world, after all) and spam-petitioned them just because they were not, in the panty-twisted-RPer's mind, a "real name that someone's nice middle-class parents would give their darling baby". In a world where not all parents are nice, not everyone has a comfortable life, and there are no birth certificates, government-issued-IDs, or thorough county records, your name is what you are called or how you introduce yourself. Period.

    Name griefing has been a problem on RP-PvP servers for as long as I have been playing on RP-PvP servers. If a company is to try to take RP server rules seriously, they have to wade through a whole lot of crap frivolous and revenge petitions and have less time to devote to the real problems.

    I would say people need to get some sense - but people are people and they do what people do. Not much to be done about that.

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    Funcom does not need to reinvent the wheel. Such "spammers" are violating the code of conduct too and can be dealt with as well as the name violators. If necessary you add a paragraph to the code of conduct or the houserules of rp-whatever servers. If too much petitions are incoming, they can enforce a certain form of petition and necessary requirements to handle them (with feedback (automated maybe) why the petition is invalid of course). So not really much more effort.

    This reduces the amount of valid petitions and filters out many revenge petitions and personal preferences automatically. Others can be dealt with as long as "someone" is reviewing the petitions at all.

    Another problem with name changes is homemade by them too. It is not serious to blame the customers there...
    This is the handling of naming IDs...for example one char named "Kurt" which gets banned can be recreated with a different ID and the same name, giving the impression nothing is done to violators (or spammers or goldsellers or bots etc.).
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