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    Smile Razor Naga Mouse

    Hi Guys.
    I am looking for some Key Binding help, so I hope I have come to the right place.
    I bought myself a “Razor” Naga Mouse, so maybe I could be a little faster in the game (I’m a clicker).
    Now that I have the mouse I am a little lost, I have never done much key binding before and was wonder how and what I should bind to the mouse. I mainly play a “sin” in the game. Anyone out there help me by giving me a few examples and then maybe I can build on them.

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    You can use the Naga to key bind your numpad keys( those are they keys on side of mouse as well )That's the only way I key bind with my naga. I'm pretty sure you can do custom Key binds in Razer Synapse program.

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    Use razer naga software to make custom key bindings

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    I use the numlock settings, so 123 Q E remiains on the keyboard and all the combos are on the mouse. I've also bound shift, alt and ctrl so i don't have to click a single abillity.

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    OK, thanks for all the help, will give it a try.

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    I also used numlock for keybinding and on scroll click in naga options i created macro so i can use pots with it or whatever you like

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    Keep it simple to begin with.

    First bind your abilities to easy to reach keys on your keyboard (leave Naga aside for now), for instance:

    Now with the Naga as it is in numpad mode you can easily make use of another four easily:

    Rest your thumb on 0. Reach up for 7. Move to the left for -=

    Once you get used to those, see if you can make use of 89, then 56. That should be plenty. If you're still in need of binds then you can rebind the Naga's 1234. If you're using this many binds on the Naga you'd want to rest your thumb somewhere in the middle of the mini-pad rather than in the corner, but take it one step at a time.
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