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Thread: Assasin's roles in groups

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    Question Assasin's roles in groups

    While I go str8 for 80lvl, I start wondering what is the role of a sin in a 6 man dungeon group and in a raid? I only know that sin is a melee DPS, but there must be more to be learned...

    How a 6 man dungeon/raid group can benefit from a sin?

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    Sins are in the rogue archtype, and most hm's require you to remove the boss spells with Tainted weapons and finaly honed. These can be found in the AA tree. Without the AA's the group can die within seconds, or the boss can for example use shields, heal himself and so on.

    Sins role is mainly to deliver alot of burst to single targets. Make sure you have alot of hate decrease and aggro tools.

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    Assassin can bring:

    1/ best single target DPS
    2/ best aggro managment tools (nightfall, crimson lotus, cover of the dusk, wiles, trickery, distraction, subtelity x 2)
    3/ biggest amount of CCs (3 stuns, KB, root, fear in this build, great for door duty on general in T4)

    Hell, with proper gear and avatar assassin can even tank some HM bosses (seen this done with Yun Rau Palace, cant find the vid rigt now).

    A lot of that stuff is AA based (like cover of the dusk, lower CD on crimson lotus), but still assassin is a welcomed addition to any group/raid.

    Come to think of it I am not sure if there is currently any class that is "not welcomed" in PVE groups. It seems pretty balanced PVE wise.
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    Thank you for your fast replies!

    Speaking about AAs, I see in global chat ofter asking about perked rogue for HMs.

    A 80lvl sin what AAs should have learned in order to be accepted in HM PUGs? A fresh sin what AAs must be prioritise? If any link exist please share...

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    I would suggest you would start with pressing strikes 5/5 that will give you the necessary Hit Rating to not miss your hits on the following Perks that are needed for many HM in Khitai.

    Pressing Strikes. (1st tier)
    Gives 29 hit rating and 78 critical damage rating per rank.

    You need 5 points invested in the first tier AA tree to unlock the following tiers (if you put 5/5 in pressing strikes, that will do it)

    Tainted Weapons (tier 2)
    removes HOTs (heals of time) from your target. Mandatory for PVE, but also great in PVP.
    Tainted Weapons removes all "Green Heals" the "Blue Heals" and health potion effects, with a single use of Tainted Weapons on the target. These may be all recast immediately, assuming they are off cooldown / once they are off cooldown.

    Finely Honed (tier 2)
    removes bubbles (retributive damage, damage shields, protection shields, etc.) from your target. Mandatory for PVE but also great in PVP.
    Finely Honed works on mage shields, and the "barrier" spells in the priest AA trees (each priest class gets a barrier spell as a major perk).

    After those necessary ones, you would want to invest points in AA that boost dps or aggro management tools, but they are not mandatory for HM pugs. If you only add the previously mentionned AA equiped, that leaves you one free slot to equip in tier 1 and one free slot in tier 2: you could go for Decisive strikes for the critical rating in tier 1, Liberation for the combat rating boost and cc removal in tier 2.

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    Sins tanking abyss.
    Sins tanking Palace
    3 Man dungeons done without tanks, ez pz
    Maybe it was these u were thinking of slith

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chass- View Post
    Sins tanking abyss.
    Sins tanking Palace
    3 Man dungeons done without tanks, ez pz
    Maybe it was these u were thinking of slith
    exacly, thanks

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