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Thread: Pieces of You, Dragonspine

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    Question Pieces of You, Dragonspine

    Hi fellow Hyborians,

    I wonder if anyone could point me in the correct direction for that quest, simply cannot "Find the Area Yafeu Mentioned"...
    - walking around for hours now

    questgiver is Yafeu in Dragonspine at 1248, 307; he's searching for something...

    Area in question is described as "some place below" with a "presence of what he called bony things." - no clue about that either; haven't seen any skeletons there recently...

    that's the last soloable quest for me there (yes, I have the Otherwordly Flute ), at least I don't see any new quests; only for the sake of completeness

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    Lots of bony dudes in Dragon's Spine, keep looking
    Skrymirne/Skrymirna/Skrymirni(Guards) Hildrida/Toireasa/Nudde(Conqs) Radgrid/Eirne/Ciannait/Boudicia(DTs)
    Crudelita/Cruelida(Barbs) Sindarilla/Cliodhna/Noinin/Fionuir(Sins) Pinnesenida(Ranger)
    Nuadhu/Maihread(Poms) Toselita(Tos) Qtie/Macushla(BS)
    Livtrasir(Necro) Helsvitje(Demo) Niuth/Niuthiune(Hoxes)

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    really? then I must have missed the entrance to that dungeon

    only thing I've come across so far are spiders, snakes, hyenas and Serpent men... (plus a few others way outside the marked search area on the map)

    btw. I am no native speaker, what does "bony" mean in the first place? made out of bones, or not?

    --- update ---
    those "bony" things aren't the camel spiders, are they? have cleared that spots with quite a number of them (next to Yafeu) several times now without the quest updating...
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    Hard to explain from memory, but if I recall correctly, you're searching for some re-animated squeleton of lizard man. Bony indeed.

    If I'm not mistaken, you have to down, near a well-know mysterious entrance...

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    just found it.... it's on the way towards Sepulcher...
    never tried to go there before as it's a bit outside the marked search area...

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