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Thread: I need an entity specific build plz

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    Default I need an entity specific build plz

    I need an entity specific build plz. (for the ground work; not platues)

    pom on fury
    Too easy, think your good? Try a reaver stance barb.

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    You know that build you use for Sheng?.....yeah....that'll work
    People just don't want to invest time in an MMO. A true showing of ADD. I think AOC isn't a game for you if you just want to start out at max levels. You should try star wars, Call of Duty, AION, or any of the other instant gratification games.

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    Default if you really want a single spec specifically for entity. This is also assuming Entity is out of range of Cleansing Fire. Haven't had my PoM in there myself but I think it has gotta be out of range.
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    Entity isn't out of range on cleansing fire =)

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    Quote Originally Posted by -wahaha- View Post
    Entity isn't out of range on cleansing fire =)
    Lag can push you into the pit though, so much fun
    Jou ppl need to undstand that it took great skill to play the Ranjor.please stop qq bout ranjor.

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    I think it's remarkable you are on entity with your POM and can't figure out your own spec.

    Pvp in AOC is Awesome!

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